Syrian Army Aborts Israel’s logistical back up for, (Supporting terrorist in Syria), Tahrir AL-Sham-Fars News

ISRAHELL, and their fellow Zionist occupied “governments” of the USA/WASHINGTON DC/NATO/EU/UK, assemble, train, pay, arm, terrorist to go rape and murder Syrians, then these same zionist evils, use the terrorist they sent to Syria, to murder more Syrians, with their own militaries, (illegally in Syria, a War Crime), while supporting the Terrorist, they sent, against the Syrian Civilian Government, and the Syrian Military.

Putin is Israhell’s bitch!
Putin is not here to save humanity, you got to grow a set and do that colletavalhy.

Time Humanity, grew a set of balls, and took down this evil, which has infected most of the earth, and a hell of a lot of humanity!

John C Carleton