Rubbing Dogs Noses Together, While Running a Three Ring Circus

Thats what the real owners of the USA are doing.

First, USA/WASHINGTON DC/UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is a corporation, not a “government”, has never been, is not now, and will never be, the same thing as America the Land, and the American souls living on the face of the Land.

It is a corporation, occupying America, using the American adult as usury debt slaves, their children as cannon fodder in illegal war crimes, for the benefit of Israhell, and as sexual party favors, in Washington DC, and the occupied State Capitols.

Americans had about 9 real years of freedom, after the war for freedom, before the elites. Usury Bankers, shyster lawyers, sold out politicians, started stealing those freedoms away from the American souls.

The gloves came off in 1861, when the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, WASHINGTON DC/USA, invaded, the foreign, Sovereign, Confederate States of America, raping children, mothers, sisters, little brothers, old grandpas, grandmas, gang raping ministers daughters, because their Southern fathers prayed for his country.

Gang raping black slave women top death!

Digging up fresh graves looking for Southern wealth, being hidden from their thieving selves.

Smearing human shit on pews and walls of southern churches, taking pride in turning churches into stables for their horses.

Murders, mass starvations, robbery, rape, occupation.

Once they pacified the Confederacy, they took the show on the road and did to everyone else, what the did to the South.

Nice folks.

Today, their descendants, and trashy copperhead southerners, collaborating scum, are so stupid, and perverted, many key WASHINGTON DC players, both houses, both sides of the isle, white house, supreme court, pentagon, FBI, CIA, FDA,IRS, any group of initials you want to throw together, got their selves filmed in honey traps raping children and other perverted things, and are nothing more than Mossad agents.

Now the ass holes in occupied, Palestine, and the sorry, misbegotten spawn of Puritan yankee zionist inn DC, are not the owners of the “government”, in either place.

These owners, would wash their hands, if they had to shake hands with either trump or nitwityahoo.

Neither of the two males mentioned above, not men, just sorry examples of the male of the Human(?), species, truly understand the true disdain, their masters hold them in.

And their masters, are some evil sons of bitches.

They like to rub their attack dogs noses together, get em pissed at each other, so they fight, sometimes to the death, while their sadistic master, from a safe distance, watches the blood and the mauling, while he jerks off!

And watches the Usury loans to both side just steal the hell out of the fruits of the working classes labor, in all involved countries!

Everything you see out there, is a damn lie.

The reasons, humanity are slaughtering each other, in endless religious wars, are all made up, or mistranslated, bull shit!

Humanity NEEDS, to educate themselves, and government schooling, is dumbing down and filling full of half truths, along with outright bull shit, not educating.

The war, which must be fought, for America’s, and indeed the worlds freedom from the cockroach, blood sucking parasites,
Must be fought and won in the mind of each human, individually.

Each persons mind, a battle, to banish the indoctrinated bull shit, to rip the curtain from their faces, from their very eyes, which has hidden reality from them, so they can be worthy of that freedom.

It is of no avail, to win on a battlefield filled with the dead and dying, and loose the war in the minds of the people as a whole.

If that war is lost, any and all, who shed their blood on the battlefield, it was useless waste and death, which meant nothing, and did nothing, beyond water the ground, with their blood!

Make weeping mothers, wives, sweethearts, grieving and destitute orphan children.


John C Carleton