UAE, (Washington DC’s/USA’s Friends), Officers Film Themselves Raping, Torturing Men in Yemen “Hidden Prisons”-Zero Hedge

Proud yet Mr. and Mrs. Chanters of USA!-USA!-USA!-USA!

Wonder if, as they were being raped, these men took comfort in the fact, they were being raped up the ass, by good allies and friends of Washington DC?

i am sure that made the pain, shame, humiliation, and death, just go away!


Land of the Pedophile, and home of the American Slave!

The zionist “christians” go:

Why the hell would he?

He a Pedophile god, like raping children, up the ass?
He a Usury loving God?
He a war mongering God?
Is he the God of kidnapping people, throwing them in prison for acts, which are not crimes?

John C Carleton