Yemen and the Militarization of Strategic Waterways-Global Research

If one reads Washington’s excuse, for the murder of a million Americans, mass rapes, mass murders of civilians, mass burning of homes, churches towns, cities, with civilians still in them, from 1861-1865, the lying pedophile whores of Washington DC, will tell you it was to free black slaves.

i have a set, of Northern Newspaper Editorials, form 1860-1861.

Freeing slaves, is not what the North was talking about!

Making sure, the USA, kept control of the Mississippi rRiver, and at all cost, the control of the mouth of the Mississippi river, is what the Puritan, zionist, child molesters and war criminals were talking about.

Seems, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

An a child in Washington Dc, is in mortal danger!

John C Carleton

Yemen and The Militarization of Strategic Waterways