Assad confirms Russia, US, Israel in Contact over Southern Syria-AMN

This is a Political Menage a trois!

Washington DC does EXACTLY as Israhell ordered them to.

Rutin is in bed with Nitwityahoo and Israhell.

Israhell, is a crime cabal, run by Pedophile, mass murderers.

Russia is the only one of the three, invited to the Syrian Party.

This makes everything Israhell/USA, does in Syria, war Crimes, deserving Fair Common Law Trials, Fair hangings.

Putin, is emotionally tied through his mother, to the occupiers of Palestine, who after all, are Slavic/Truman half breed, reject, outcast, from the Steppes of Russia.

Seen Russia shoot down any Israhell jest doing war crimes Syria?

Syria needs Russia, but understands they are probably going to have to trade a shit load of land to Israhell, as Russia’s price for helping.

Hope the shit hits the fan before Putin stabs Syria in the back fully.

John C Carleton