Sympathy For The Devil-Viet Nam-YouTube

Washington lied about the reason for the war of 1812.

Washington lied about the reason and truth of the not Civil War!

Washington lied about the reason for the Spanish American War.

Washington lied, allowed Americans to be slaughtered, to get America into World War 1, a Pedophile, Usury, International, Bankers preplanned war.

Washington lied, allowed Americans to be slaughtered, to drag an unwilling America, into the Pedophiles Bankers pre planned continuation, of World War Two.

There would not have been a division between either North and South Korea, or North and South Viet Nam, if not for Washington meddling in their internal affairs.

Washington arranged for both wars, made damn sure they happened.

Washington lied, to get to slaughter three million Far Easterners, in and around Viet Nam.

The story was, if South Vietnam went commie, then all the other countries between there and America, would go commie, and Americans would be fighting invading commies on their own shorelines!

South Viet nam, did go communist, and the fucking sky did not fall as Washington promised it would!

The war i went to, the USA, set it up, made damn sure it happened, lied to drag America into the war!


All you fucking sheep, out there chanting, USA!-USA!-USA!-USA!, as the Washington DC pedophiles rape your children, and use them for cannon fodder in terrorist, (USA is the terrorist), wars of aggression, invasion, rape, pillaging, mayhem, occupation, theft, to murder other parents children, half way around the world, who have not done a damn son a bitching thing to you or yours, why the fuck, do you think the cock suckers in congress, the big white Cat House, all of a sudden became the fucking good guys, and started telling the damn truth!??

Son of a Bitch!

Thats got to be some damn good shit you are smoking!

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John C Carleton