Ode to the Piker Battalion Band

Dedicated to my ancestor, Edward the First, who directed the piker Battalion Band in the year AD, 1290.

Ode to the Piker Battalion Band!

In the year, twelve nighty,through the hand of fate-
Edward learned the bitter taste of hate-
Viewing the broken bodies laying pale upon the floor-
English children, ritually raped, sacrificed, just inside the door-
Of the houses filled with vermin and waste-
Putrid stench tuned to the perverted taste-
Of the Slavic/Turkmen, Usury, pedophile, buck toothed mass-
A running sore on decent humanities ass-
Edward could never forget the sight-
He swore to the Light, he would put things right-
Edward said these scum must be run far from our shores,
Till the sun no longer can cast their sorry shadows on English doors-
But first a taste of karma for the murdering, buggering blight-
An invite to a Piker Party, with all their Manly Might-
The Piker Battalion Band sang a vengeful song-
And the Usury pedophile criminal outcast, screamed along-
Twas a tuneful music to Edwards ears-
But it did not drive away his tears-
At the horrors visited upon the English children so young-
He swore with a flick of his tongue-
Should the Pedophiles arise in his country once more with their evil sin-
He would assemble the Piker Battalion Band, again!

John C Carleton