Kingdom of Carleton News Flash: King John de Carleton, has had his person assaulted, by a UFO!

11 June, 2018

Kingdom of Carleton:

King John de Carleton, has been assaulted by a UFO.

This UFO, was determined to be from, either, CIA, FBI, HLS, Austin, San Antonio City Council, of Hairless Chihuahua’s, with their voodoo priest, mayor PendjoBerg, M-16, KGB, Mossad.

The Head of Intelligence, Ramsar, has sent messages to all his double agent flies on walls in high and very low places, to determine which evil piece of shit organization is responsible.

Could be any of them.

King John de Carleton, has spoken out against the evil of all of these organizations, and the crime cabals they represent.

The event happened thus:

While King john de Carleton, was walking out to the reincarnated zionist, as goats, pen, to feed their lustful, quarrelsome asses, a bird, having been trained by one of these agencies, took a shit on the King’s cowboy hat!

Now, King John de Carleton, own’s , is sovereign, in all below and above his kingdom.

Now, the normal birds, they can transit the King’s Kingdom’s airspace, if they want.

Although, the white doves fly and extra fifty miles, to circle around the Kingdom’s airspace.
They assure me it is nothing personal, but as the symbol of peace, they must remain pure.

Thinking about getting someone, to build the Kingdom a device, which would read who’s aircraft, had trespassed on the Kingdom’s airspace, send them a damn bill per intrusion.

Private pilots, staying above a set level, so as to not disturb the Kingdoms subjects, would be exempted from charges.

Ramsar, has advised me, until he can determine which of these evil front organizations, for pedophile crime cabals, is responsible, i should start deploying anti-UFO weapons!

The King, is currently tore between the double barrel, and the slam fire pump anti-UFO artillery!

An update will be issued, when guilt is placed.

i asked Ramsar, the reformed, reincarnated zionist as a billygoat, who saw the Light on the road to Damascus, head of intelligence, if we could not just pick someone the King wanted to take out or down, and blame them?

He reminded me, all of the above agencies which do that, as well as the hand puppet, “Heads of State”, are evil, full of shit, pedophile ass holes and the whole damn world knows it, even if they pretend otherwise.

He reminded me we owed it to the King, and his Subjects, to hold to the highest standards of Statesmanship!




John C Carleton