US Leaving Syria would be a ‘strategic blunder’-Mattis-AMN

US/Syrian, modern History, 101.

Syria, does not sponsor terrorist.

USA does.
Israhell does.
EU does.
UK does.
France does.
Denmark does.
Germany does.
Sweden does.
Norway does.
Ukraine does.
Saudi Arabia does.
Jordon does.
UAE does.
Egypt does.
Russia does.
Italy does.
Spain does.

If i have left out some, and there are many more, time and space intrudes!

Syria did not attack the USA.

The USA attacked Syria.

Syria did not threaten, has not threatened, to attack the USA, except those USA troops and proxy terrorist, which the USA, in a clear war crime, in clear crimes against humanity, has both themselves, murdered thousands of innocent Syrians, in Syria, where NO ONE invited them, illegal occupying Syria, and refusing to leave while they murder more Syrians, in Syria, where they were not invited, against all rules of war, common decency , morals, honor, and intelligent thought!

USA, which runs interference for the largest terror network in the Middle East, the Crime cabal, falsely called Israel, which is Holocusting, Genociding, the Semitic, Indigenous, Palestinian people, in their own Ancestral Home Land, is trying to help this Israhell crime cabal, steal most of Syria for the zionist nightmare of their “Greater Israel Project”, which calls for big chunks of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, to be turned over to Israhell.

Now, ole Mad Dog 20/20, his pecker gets hard when he directs murders of little defenseless children!

He likes to keep some of them alive to entertain the troops with.

Like they entertained themselves with little Iraqi boys, while their parents were forced to watch!

Here is clear proof of war crimes, crimes against humanity!

They are bragging about the evil they do!

And still, that little bug eyed son of a bitch Sessions, with a corn cob up his ass, can not make one fucking arrest for damn war crimes, crimes against humanity, pedophilia, bribes, insider trading, perjury, or any other thing unless he’s trying to throw some sick person in prison, for trying to cure their own ass, with weed!

Probably has a lot to do with,
“Let he without sin, cast the first stone”, and living in glass houses!

“Be not deceived, for God is not Mocked, for whatever man sows, that shall he also reap!”

Damned son of a bitching American head up ass sheep, may want to stock up on KY jelly.

Because, there is over two hundred years worth of evil, coming home to roost!

Them birds of hell, always come home to roost in the end.

They know carrion will be plentiful in America in the years to come!

John C Carleton