One Day the Sons of God, Came Before God, and Satan Came Also

AND God said to Satan, what you been up to?

And she answered, absolutely making the men of earth make damn fools out of themselves!

Notice you have not done a bad job on your own kind either!
Screwing around like ally cats, putting themselves before their own children, and really ass holes, real bitches to their husband and boyfriends!

Well, we are holding all the cards, i mean, when you have a monopoly on the stuff, you can be as big a bitch as you want to, most of em will still kiss your ass and beg for it!

Don’t get so damn uppity, you know i can have the mens brain reprogramed where they only like other men!

Hell there has always been a few of them around, but not enough to throw the game.

Those were just prototypes!
Got a new improved model.

Course, have to switch the females brains also, so they just run after women.
You may have noticed some of those prototypes out there also.

Yes, there have always been a few of those, but not enough to throw the game!
Why are you working on this.

Well, you remember when you and i were younger, and humanity got to where they were just worthless ass holes, pedophiles, stealing through Usury, murdering the innocent, all that stuff, and i wiped out with a big flood?

Well, i got to feeling a little guilty, promised em i would never wipe them out with a flood again!

Now, they are back to being sorry ass holes, but a promise is a promise.

Don’t want to kill em with fire, i would burn up good forrest and such, grasslands and the Animals would suffer!
If i send the plague again, a lot of animals will eat their contaminated flesh, and die also.

So, i have this plan where they will screw themselves out of existence!
In a generation, 95-97 percent of humanity will be gone.

Whats up with the ones left?
Why will that not work for them?

You EVER see the Scots-Irish, do a Damn Thing, the way everyone else does?
Now i swear, i once saw a Scots-Irish woman fall in a river!
She drowned!
Her body floated up stream!

Got the Watchers studying them, but we have not figured out what makes en tick yet.

When you find out let me know!
i married one a few generations back!
Still trying to figure that one out.
i followed him around like a little puppy dog!

Know what you mean!
I had this red headed one i took up with one time!
Swear the night was day and day was night, but i still got my eye on where she is now.
Got some comp time coming, thought i’d drop in on her!

You think you could find out where my ass hole is nowadays, soon as you get back, i’ll take off, like to surprise him!
That way he can’t run!

And so another board meeting came to a close.

John C Carleton