Innocent Children, Raped and Murdered, Sacrificed at Bilderberg Conference

They are a bunch of Pedophiles!

They move in the circles of people, if they can not themselves be placed at satanic rituals, they cn be show to move in the same circles, as those who show up at the Pedophile Parties, with human sacrifice, ritual rape and murder, blood drinking, Spirit Cooking, spells.

So don’t try to pretend, each and every time such scum, meet behind closed doors, some children will not be gang raped, and probably murdered!

Don’t fucking try to insult my intelligence, by trying to tell yourself and me, you don’t damn well know it is happing!

Don’t tell me, you do not understand, prince chinless charlie, could not be best friends, best buds, with the worst pedophile, pimping innocent children to the British elite, dead person raping piece of pedophile shit which has walked on two legs in occupied England, in recent memory, and not be one himself.

Birds of a feather you know.

Don’t fucking try to insult my intelligence, and say you do not know, chinless charlie, and the bitch which hatched him from an egg, had my cousin, Lady Di, murdered in France, and the French occupation “Government”, collaborating!

The fucking evidence has been out there for years, same as Israhell and Washington DC did the Murder, the attack on the American Homeland, in 2001, 11, September!

Just like they did Oklahoma City before that!

Just as the did the first bombing of the world trade center, the van in the basement “Arab Terrorist” bombing!

Ever ask yourself, why ISIS, HAS NOT ONCE, attacked Israhell?

Ever ask yourself, with the fucking Veterans administration, letting my Viet Nam Vet Brother, die, with his teeth rotting out, from all the meds, which he has to pay the VA for, to counter act the damage to his heart, agent orange has done, while they fuck him up his ass, not giving him correct compensation, so he would qualify to get his teeth fixed, which he can not afford, even when the nerves to half his heart died, and he had to get a pace maker!

They still fucked him!

And hundreds of thousands of other American veterans of Foreign Usury Pedophile, International, Bankers wars!

While Washington DC sends each and every fucking day, sends over 8 Million, American workers labor, turned into dollars, stolen out of the workers children mouths, to give a Holocusting bunch of invading foreign species ass holes, over eight million dollars a day, while the same people fuck the AMERICAN VETERAN UP THE ASS!


Why does Washington DC Hate Americans so much, and Love Israhelli’s so much?

Ever ask your self that?

Pull your heads out of your asses, not just American sheep, but sheep of the world united sheep!

The sun is shining outside!

The birds are chirping!

The children are playing!

Lets not fucking blow up the world for shekels!

Can humanity agree on that one fucking thing if they try real damn hard!!!!!??????

Now fucking educate yourself!

The ignorant are destined for the slaughterhouse!

Now all together now, reach around, grasp your shoulders, and jerk!

If you head don’t pop out of your zionist indoctrinated ass, keep jerking until it damn well does!

Son of a Bitch!!@!!!!!

It ain’t all that hard!

Did it myself!

John Carleton