Edward Longshanks: Crusader Hero and Braveheart Villain-YouTube

Holly (Pedophile) Whore, California, is run by descendants of People Edward kicked out of England, for Usury, plus using young English boys in their riruatl Gang Rapes, Human sacrificing, blood drinking, in their Babylonian magic cult celebrations.

They still holding a grudge it seems.

i see the Pedophile shit has not slowed down either!

He was one of my great grandfather types, i am proud to say.

Only “royal” ancestor, i ever really admired, he was learning to care for his people, he was not just in it for himself!

Now, i am not going to try to make him lovable, he was not.

But one must always judge a man or women life, against the time one lived it.

He loved his queen.
Thiers was an arranged political marriage, as most royal matches were.
But they came to love each other, he took her with him everywhere he could.

He implemented reformes in the laws, which benefited the people.

Now on the crusades, just the Church of Rome, using the armies under it, to attack another area, trying to keep their foothold in stolen lands.

Again, one must judge another, by the times that one lived, not one’s own present time!

Nurther words, don’t get uppity and self righteous!

Some of your were pickpockets, stealing peoples money, at public executions back then!

Ummm huh!

Some were whores, plying their trade, at the same executions!
oh Yeah!

One of the best, if not the absolute best king, England had, between the time Willian the Bastard invaded from Normandy, Know how them big Lizards are, and Edward the 4th, which was the romantic leavings of a frolic the wife of the prince had, with an archer in the army, while her prince, was in on another continent, fighting a war.

There are public records, that is provable, and has been proved.

Makes every single “British Monarch” from the commoner Edward the 4th, to the very ole German Jew Dragon queen, squatting in Buckingham palace, with her scaled paws out for public assistance, fakes, charlatans, carnival barkers in drag!!!!!

Talk about fraud, but oh well, thats for another piece!

John C Carleton