BraveHeart Freedom Speech-YouTube

i had kin on both sides.

There was an undercurrent about this war, which the common man on each side, did not understand or care about, but, it is the same every war.

William Wallace was a brave man, a man loved freedom, more than life!

That is a man i can admire, even were we to find ourselves, on different sides.

And he was right to fight for his people, and his land!

i look at America today, and i see the shit hole Washington DC has made it.

And if the American souls must fight in the end, then thats the way it will be, but to fight, to spill blood, to make widows, orphans, grieving parents, when no one even understands why they are fighting, is futile, and indeed evil.

My hope, is the American people, will study, educate themselves, to the real history of their country.

My prayer is, they will educate themselves, in the true meaning of freedom!

My wish, i wish everyday, is for freedom for my people, for my country, for America!

But the people, do not understand freedom.

How can one possess a non physical form, such as freedom, when one does not have a clue of what the form of freedom should be?!

So my fellow Americans, listen to William Wallace when that time comes.

But for now, be still, be quite, so your ancestors can whisper in your ear, why they bled and died, and what the form of freedom should and must be.

Educate yourselves America!

John C Carleton