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The main people,responicble for building America, were the Scots-Irish.

Some of America’s greatest sons came from these, and they have always, served in the wars of the country, way more then their percentage of the population called for.

The English,think of themselves as the center of the world, the learned elder, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, as the wayward younger siblings, their hillbilly and country people barbaric to the English taste, and needing to be told how to behave, what to do.

Now have all four of the Isles blood in me, so i can talk freely, of all four.

The reason, the English tended to say the Irish and Scotsmen, were barbaric, was because the English could kick their ass every now and then, but the sons of bitches, just would not stay whipped!

not good slaves at all.

When you mix some English, Norman, Irish, Scots, you get a real independent, stubborn, don’t give a shit about authority, good ole boy!

Wallace was of Norman ancestry, mixed with Scots.

When one studies history, one often finds, when a people or country desperately needs a hero, it is not the fancy prancing peacocks at Court, who become the hero of the common folks, but a country cousin, not all that impressed with court, so therefore, usually poor!

I no longer have the time, or inclination, to run all these family lines anymore, but my 4th great-grandmother, came from the Wallace’s on the English Scottish Border, around Cumberland.

Edward is my great grandfather type, many different ways.

Robert the Bruce, was a close cousin, my line of Bruce’s having gone to London, and become “proper English Gentlemen”!

The big Lizards just keep having a go for each other.

Family quarrel.

Don’t know why they always insist on getting two or three countries involved in family quarrels!

John C Carleton