Clif High, Massive Pyramids Built by Giants in Antarctica-YouTube

An interview in which the host wisely lets the guest talk a lot!

i have followed High’s work for years, seen his program be proved many times.

One i remember, maybe six months before the Captain of the Cruse ship, was dallying with a blond bimbo, and allowed his ship to run aground, lost several people drowned, ship scrapped, his report said that the ship of state, would run aground, and a blond would be implicated in the action.

maybe not word for word, but close.

Turned out, the Staterooms, were named for States, not USA states, but nation states.

i myself, was sure Hillary finally got her’s!

Dead wrong!

His ALTA reports, also foretold the stand off of the ranchers Vs Feds, and the murder of some of the people involved by the Feds.

More i could pull from memory.

He is always well worth taking the time to listen to.

The most ignorant person in any room, is the one thinks they know everything.

When a soul realizes their ignorance, it causes them to search for the answers.

And that folks, is a never ending rabbit hole, at least on this earth, in this form!

John C Carleton