‘Our Stones are stronger than their weapons’! Thousands demostarte in Gaza for the ninth straight Friday-Mondoweiss

When you back a group animals, and the human is an animal, walks on two legs, into a corner, cut off all hope of escape, and systematically keep Holocusting them, they will do one of two things.

Knell down on all fours, spread the cheek so their asses themselves, or they will fight!

i have noticed, the Palestinians ain’t much on bending over, spreading the cheeks of their own ass.

i like a people with balls.

Most American sheep, would have been dead by their own hand , before seventy years of this genocide shit!

For those of you cheering Trumps move of the Embassy to Jerusalem, that was the last straw, which destroyed all USA credibility, as an arbitrator for a two State solution.

This did not have to even be talked about, much less damn stupid move made.

But, unlike the ignorant head up ass American sheep, the Palestinians understood, that even the illusion of them ever being free, had been used to bitch slap them across their own face’s.

The zionist motherfuckers, from the steppes of Russia and Ukraine, have stolen their land, holocusted their people, while the dumb ass indoctrinated American head up ass sheep cheered.

The Semitic, Palestinian peoples, are being Holocusted, in their own Ancestral Home Land, by a criminal cabal, of descendants of Turkmen/Savic outcast from Russia and Ukraine.

And the American sheep, in their stupidity, in their ignorance, shouted out at John Hagee’s temple of end times, gloom, doom and Pedophilia buggery, Praise the Lord, Kill those mother fucking Palestinians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was an ole zionist Minister, used to scare the wallets loose from the congregation, with a hell’s fire sermon called,
“Pay Day Some Day!’

Well American sheep!

Pay-days coming!

Don’t come whining to me, when they start sending thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of your children home in body bags.

World War 3, is a very long planned for, multi-generationally planned, continuation of the rape of the Pedophile, Usury, zionist International Banker’s, instigated, World Wars 1 & 2.

For Forty, son of a bitching years, i have tried to warn the damn American sheep, of what was happening, what was coming!

They shit on my feet, and they pissed on my cowboy boots, and they bleated at me angry for trying to shine the sunshine up their ass holes, because thats where they like to keep their heads!

Thousands of people out there, just like me, been trying for years to warn folks, and took shit for it.

Fuck the sheep!

Going to get my best guitar, sit on the front porch, a .45 on one side, pump 12 gauge on the other, pick and sing, “ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!”

As the sheep’s pay day arrives!

Good cup of coffee, Good guitar, good company, (dogs, maybe a cat or two).
About about half dollar for the cup of coffee.

Getting to see the sheep in the headlight looks, in their eyes, as they fucking get slaughtered!


Grow up America, get a set of balls.

Educate yourselves!

You will need that education, unless of course, you are a self cheek spreader.

Happy fucking Memorial day America!

John C Carleton