“Royal” Wedding in Occupied England

First, Edward the fourth, was the illegitimate brat of a commoner, an archer in the military, conceived while the prince, was in another country, fighting a war There is proof of that. This means, the old German cow, welfare teat hanger, squatting in the English People’s palace, is a fake! Harry, is the illegitimate son […]

EU Approves ‘Historic” Ban on Bee Killing Pesticides-Waking Times.

Mean while, the United States/Washington DC, is busy helping Monsatan kill all the bees in America. Washington also uses its clot, big stick military, to try to force Monsatan’s GOMs and Poisons on other countries, which don’t want them. USA-USA-USA-USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EU Approves ‘Historic’ Ban on Bee Killing Pesticides