A Zionist Christian Stands before the Light

A life long, give 10 percent to the church, there every time the doors were open, Christian zionist stands before the Light, having just assumed room temperature on the other side.

The Zionist tells the Light, Wheres my wings, harp of gold, halo, Hurry, i am ready to start partying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The light said, hold up there a bit, your life has to be reviewed.

The zionist cheerleader said, no need, I am a Booooorrrrrnnnnnnnn aggggggaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnn Chhrriiiiistttiiaaannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

The light said, we do things our own way here, ever life must be reviewed!

The zionist said, waste of time if you ask ME!

The Light said, no one asked you, now please shut the hell up unless asking a question, or if you are asked a question!

The zionist drew up straight in indignation, said, I WANT TO SEE GOD RIGHT NOW!
I am reporting you, for giving me an attitude, a good life long Christian like me!

I was baptized as a Child!

The light replied, i am god, and if i was you, i’d hold to the memory of that water you got pushed under, cause i think it is going to be a long dry spell where you are headed, but we will see!

Play his Life!

A hologram looking 3-D record of the now room temperature, back on the other side, zionist appeared in front of them.

The record started about 2 and a half years old.

Much of the early years were fast forwarded over, but now and again, the light would will the scene to play at normal human speed, and the light would question why the soul had thrown a hissy fit, or been mean to another child, disrespected his earthly parents, none of which the soul had a valid excuse.

The zionist feeble attempts to justify his selfish and mean nature, were dismissed with a wave of the Lights hand, and soon the dejected appearing zionist, stood mute, not trying to lie to the Light any more.

The zionist life entered the teen age years.

There were scenes of theft, hurting others, bullying others.

At the 17 year old mark, the light paused the life history, after a scene where the zionist raped a 16 year old girl on a date.

The light said, you want to explain why you should not suffer for that act?

How do you think that girl felt?

Do you know, she became an alcoholic, died young, trying to drown the memory of what you did to her.

She could never make the pain go away!

The zionist screamed, SHE WANTED IT!!!!!!!!!

She let me feel here boobs!

She enjoyed it!

She wanted IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The light said, i don’t think we need to go over the rest of your life.

There is not a bit of regret or repentance in you!

But the rules are the rules.
We shall continue!

With a wave of the Lights hand, the scene started forward again.

It slowed at the 24th year of the zionist life.

it showed a split screen, with him in a seedy motel room, between the legs of a street whore, he picked up in a bar.

The other side of the screen showed his young wife, crying her heart out, holding their young child to her breast, in a vain attempt for comfort, and to make the pain of betrayal less, because, she knew.

It had happened again and again.

When the light asked if the zionist had any defense, he screamed.

Why is this being brought up, the Pastor said when i confessed, and donated $1,000.00 to the church, God had forgiven me, it would be remembered against me NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The light said, well, yes he did, but that pastor is a jack ass in the grand canyon now.

And do you know, the rest of your time together as man and wife, she could not quite keep down the revulsion she felt in her soul for you, when you touched her.

She never forgot it, why should i?

Why should you be able too?

With a wave of his hand, the Light started the dejected zionist life history again.

This time it slowed when the zionist was in his 40s.

The scene was a huge temple of some sort.

There was a huge obese, pig looking, male in an expensive three piece suit, which could barely restrain the masses of lard, screaming at the top of his lungs and waving a black covered book about.

The Preacher screamed the Israhelli’s had the absolute right to slaughter, rape, torque , holocaust, the indigenous Palestinian peoples of Palestine, because God gave them the land.

With a nod of his head, the light zoomed in on the zionist standing before him, in the congregation, spittle flying out of his mouth as he shook his fist and screamed, AMEN BROTHER, PREACH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The light said, you want to explain supporting pedophiles who murder everyone around them?

The zionist said, GOD GAVE THEM THE LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Hagee SAID SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The light said, yeah well, we just waiting on all that lard to give him a heart attack.
He is going to be a cock notch rides on the ass of, and fest on the leavings, of your earlier pastor who even now is braying his ignorance, to the four wind of Arizona.

The light said, i never gave the baby raping bastards anything but as much hell as i could direct their way for their evil.

Every time the Turkmen/Slavic outcast crimes caught up with them, they started screaming something about people not liking the Semitic Palestinians!

The light shook his head.
Those ass wipes could not tell the truth if their next innocence blood soaked shekel depended on it.

The scene started once more, as the light waved his hand again.

They had skipped to the scene where as a fifty year old, he made a smart assed remark about his long suffering wife’s appearance not getting him excited anymore, cutting her to the soul, walking out the door, snarling at the guy next door who just would not go to church and repent, the heathen, as his hand went to his heart, and he fell dead, with his face in a fresh pile of dog shit.

The light said, do you have anything to say in defense of yourself?

The zionist stood there mute, with his head hanging.

He looked up slowly, and asked, what’s to be of me.

The light replied, you tonight, will ride on the ass of a jack ass.

Tonight, you will be a flea, on the ass of your former pastor.

Soon as ole john Hagee does the dog shit dance, he will be chasing you around your old pastors ass hole, as a cock roach, trying to eat you, cause he is tired of eating jack ass shit.

Don’t know why though, thats all that ever comes out of his own mouth, while he is still alive.

He told two light beings, standing by, get this evil son of a zionist bitch out of my sight, put him on the ass of that jack ass before the sun goes down in Arizona!!

The Light called, Next!

Nitwityahoo walks in.

The Light said, Shit!

There goes my fishing trip!

This one going to take all day, all night and maybe tomorrow.

He turned to two more beings of light.

He said, get that mangy laughing hyena Stalin, with the chronic diareia ready, the flea for his ass has arrived!

As the two light beings, dragged the zionist christian off, he screamed back, who’s going to be the cock-roach chases that flea then?

The Light replied, theres this sold out guy from Russia we are waiting on, for that role.

We here in Valhalla, like to keep ass hole souls, who were buddies in life, together in the next life also.

Just seems fitting some how!

Let it be above, as it is below.

The Ole Dog!