Sovereign Kingdom of Carleton Press Release!

Ramsar, the Head of the Kings’s own Intelligence Service, announces, Ramsar, Head of FTZMF, (Fuck The Zionist Mother Fuckers), has turned a Buckingham Palace fly on the wall into a double agent for said Kingdom of Carleton’s, English Field Office.

The King must first digest the shocking things he has learned about them German, illegal emigrant, Public assistance teat hanging, human baby eating Lizards, squatting in the English peoples Palace.

After careful consideration, the King will decide, which of the evil, deviant, anti-Humanity acts of these Lizards, the sheep humans will be able to be told about, without hurling their Fish and baby Chips!

As soon as possible, the king will make a statement!

For his Royal Highness,
Most High Sovereign of,
The brave protector and king of,
The sovereign Kingdom of Carleton,
King John de Carleton, [The Zionist Eater];

As his private secretary,
John C Carleton