If Israhell, Did not Want War, They Would Leave the Semitic Palestinians Ancestral Home Land

Saw on Facebook today, a guy i used to associate with, trying to justify the slaughter of the Palestinians at the protest of the USA saying fuck you rag heads, we are handing Jerusalem to the Russian/Turkmen outcast from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine, who are raping your children, drinking their blood, Holocusting every Palestinian they can find, on a fucking gold platter, paid for with the blood, sweat and tears, of American hard working, former middle class, extorted from them, fruits of their Labor alone, at the point of, or implied threat of, the point of a weapon, prison, death!

His rational was, if the Palestinians wanted peace, there would be peace, and if Israhell wanted war, there would be war.

What a dumb fuck!

There is FUCKING WAR GOING ON YOU dick headed, war crime cheering, zionist son of a bitch!

People die in wars!

Unarmed Palestinians are being shot by fucking buck toothed, inbred, snipers, with telescoped, high power rifles, from a hundred meters.

It’s a fucking slaughter!

And the only son of a bitching peace these rabid zionist animals, have ever offered the Palestinians, is the peace of the Grave.

Ant this dumb son of a bitch, has black ancestors mixed with the Turkmen and Slavic.

He is so fucking stupid, he does not know, his fucking “pure breed ” masters, consider him a useful idiot, and would not allow him, to lick the sweat from their rancid balls.

In Occupied Palestine, “Black Jews’, are damn dogs. Treated as such, involuntarily serialized so they can not have children!

They want to send them the hell back to Africa, from the “Home Land”, of the Jew.

These are some of the most racist bastards, you will ever find.

Their Home Land, is the Steeps of Russia, and Ukraine.

If they did not want war, they would return to the land of their fathers, their ancestral home land, and get the hell out of the Palestinian’s ancestral Home Land!

Ignorance has all ways pissed me off.

Stupidity is not volunteered, but ignorance is a damn choice.

So either this zionist minion, is mentally challenged because the Rabbis kept dropping him on his head, when some one opened the door, or he has chosen, ignorant and arrogance, as a way of life.

There are institutions of both, but they should not be allowed to infect the general population, with either disease.

John C Carleton