Ramzar For President!

Have this Billy Goat, named Ramzar.

After having viewed Washington DC politics, and politicians, for close to sixty years now, i have come to the conclusion, my Billy Goat would be superior in every way, to all the USA presidents, of my lifetime, with the exception of John Kennedy, who Wshington DC/USA, murdered for trying to do a good job for the American people.

Take Ramzar now!

He don’t lie about the nannies he has had.
He has a fine set of curling outward horns on his head, unlike that orange creature of torture which has attacked, and attached itself parricidally,to the top of trumps head.
And if Nitwityahoo, the baby raping son of a bitch, Holocusting the Indigenous Palestinian people in war crimes in occupied Palestine, were to show up, unlike the trickster trumpster, he would not kiss Nitwit’s ass, be would butt it.
Knock his evil ass for a loop! UUUUUUUURRRRRRRAAAAAAA Ramzar!

Ramzar don’t have foreign Heads of States raped up the ass with a knife, before having having them murdered, like the pedophile cow clinton.

Ramzar don’t rape females like Bill the walking sex attack tool.
Ramzar’s courting skills may be primitive, but the nanny has to consent before there is sex, unlike the case is with Bill.

Ramzar don’t sell rifles to Mexican Drug Lords, which are then used on US Law Enforcement, and American people, and try to convince the American people, his sidekick Billy Goat was really a nanny, like the obombister.

Ramzar didn’t collaborate with the Israhellies, to attack America, blame it on rag heads, so he could start an unending war against a vague, shadowy “terrorism”.
Ramzar also did not,illegally, in war crimes, invade foreign sovereign countries, which have not attacked him or his, murder, rape and rob it’s people for profit and perverse pleasure, like Bush, the Cowardly Village Idiot.

Ramzar, did not lie, rape juveniles, start an illegal war, burn children to death in their church, as did Bush (Read my Lips, No New Taxes) the Elder, father of Bush the Jr., (The Cowardly Village Idiot).

So you see, Ramzar my Billy Goat, is SO much better qualified to be President, than any of the presidents, or their cohorts in organized crime.

He only starts fights over food, and nannies, not dollars, slaves, extortion.

America NEEDS RAMZAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramzar for President!

Ramzar’s political slogan will be:
Better a horny Billy Goat, than an evil clown!

Fair Common Law, War crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Pedophile, treason, bribery, insider trading, murder, rape, theft, terrorist, trials, Washington DC!

Fair trials, fair hangings.

Oh yes, in deference to trump, if any but good American made hemp rope is used, a tariff must be paid, for rope imported from a foreign source.

Time to clean up America!

America needs Ramzar!!!!!!!!!!

As the presidential elections are not for a couple more years, Ramzar has decided to run for Mayor against Mayor Pendejoberg.

His slogan in the mayoral election will be:
Better a Horny Billy Goat than a Pendjo!

Get the corruption in the city straightened up, He thinks he may run for governor of Texas.
his slogan will be:
Better a horny Billy Goat than a damn yankee carpetbagger!!!!!!!

Ramzar views both the Demophile and republiphile parties as sold out crime families, and perverts, and ass holes, and scum suckers, but back to business.
Therefore, Ramzar, has to decided to start his own party, The Horny Billy Goat Party.

It’s slogan will be:
Better a Horny Billy Goat then a thirty shekel whore!

Ramzar has promised the American people, his first act, as Commander in Chief will be to, Neuter Mad Dog 20/20, and insert those stars where the sun don’t shine!

Ramzar told me to pass the word, he will be accepting campaign donations in the form of Alfalfa hay, 20 percent sheep and goat pellets, and good looking nannies!

Get er done!

John C Carleton