When Zionist Whores Hid their Face in Shame, Rather Than Post Their Escapades on Twitter

Used to be, a zionist whore, selling out America and the American people, would hide that fact to the end.
If found out, they would hang their heads in shame.

i long for those long gone times!

What changed?

Why do they grow bold?

i believe the answer is very simple really.

The zionist whores, with their Holly Whore, with their magazines pushing decadence, their newspapers glorifying hoodlums, their TV stations pouring crap into the minds of the young hours a day, have succeeding in drawing most of the American sheep down to their level.

Most Americans, know no shame, for anything.
Shame, honor, loyalty, a persons word being their bond, being true to their mate, putting their children before themselves, duty, compassion, empathy, these are all missing from the make up of most Americans today.

They are just walking, talking screwing, zionist zombies, the empty shell of the host, from which the zionist virus has eaten away the brain and soul.

Such soul-less creatures feel right at home with the Usury, pedophilic, lying, buggering, scum sucking, candy from a baby stealing, zionist sons of bitches.

Thats why the zionist pedophiles no longer hang their heads in shame,
American zionist zombies, have no brain!

Hell of a situation:
Bloodsucking zionist to my right, scum sucking zionist to my left.
Brainless American sheep zionist zombies to my front and rear!

Going to be a glorious battle!

Lo, there do i see my father:
Lo, there do i see my mother and my sisters and my brothers:
Lo, do i see the line of people back to my beginning:
Lo, They do call for me:
Lo, They do bid me to take my place amongst them:
In the halls of Valhalla, where the Brave may live forever!

So be it!

Get er done!

John C Carleton