Saturday at Dark Thirty.

Gave up trying to go back to sleep around 0500 hours.

Got a cup of coffee, scanned the new, see if WW 3 started overnight, what evil lies Washington Was pushing.

Checked out what the Brits had been up to. Tell you what, i really can not figure out, if the Brits or the US thirty shekel political whores, and enabling sheep, are the most sicking/disgusting.

God! Their mama’s must be proud!!

Got another cup, moved out to the round table behind the house.

Have three roosters, and next door has one.
They start in about 0500, lying to each other about who has the biggest set, and keep it up until it is light enough for them to head out in search things to eat.
The turkey gobbler in the back of the place, adds base to the choir.
This translates into a background of crowing about nothing.
Same with roosters as with Washington DC political whores, first liar don’t stand a chance.
Thats also true among fishermen, but their lies, BS, exaggerations, don’t start wars in which millions die.
Thats also true among wives, once one wife has told what a sorry SOB her husband is, and how angelic she is for putting up with him, the dam is broken, and every damn wife there going to try to outdo the last in just how sorry her husband is, and how wonderful and long suffering she is.
This, may at times, start wars.

Gets daylight, i will continue with getting ready for spring garden planting. Have eight metal bathtubs, i have set up, tops waist high, (no getting down on knees). Have five filled with my own mixture of garden soil, plan to get the other three ready to go today. Then build frames covered in chicken wire, go over the tops. If you never been around chickens, they will eat your garden plants, got to keep them out. Fact is, chicken will eat anything it can fit down its neck, don’t eat it first.
Seen them eat frogs, mice, snakes, bugs, worms.

Need to clean the chicken house out, put the Non GMO chicken manure, in the mix with the goat manure, white paper, brown paper, dog hair, old blue jeans, wood ashes, dead animals. Digging up an old compost pile, transferring to larger hole, mixing for final stage of composting. New material going in the old pit.
Good garden soil, is an art, and takes years to get right. A grandson is interested in gardening. After i am dead and gone, he will probably be using soil i prepared. And continuing to compost, for the next generation.

Don’t know about you, but i would prefer it said about me when i am gone, he knew how to make damn good compost, rather than, SOB started that war in which millions died.

Do the world a favor, start a compost pile.

Don’t put politicians in your compost pile though, they are toxic to most life forms.

Getting daylight now, got to go milk a goat.

Speaking of gardening, heres a Texas boy singing a song on the subject.

John C Carleton