Statism Kills

“Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.” – Joseph Stalin Government is a death cult. It is the most profound mechanism outside of planetary extinction events to rid the globe of human beings.  There have certainly been disease vectors like the plague in medieval times that wiped out significant parts of Europe but […]

Multiple Catholic Priest Expose The Practice Of Satanism Within The Vatican-The Last American Vagabond

i have fought the ignorance of the Sheep with all my being. Because of that, the sheep think i am well meaning, but nuts. The sheep, are always looking for an external savior. Taking responsibility for their own lives and spiritual growth, scares the sheep shit out of them. Generation after generation, they deliver their […]

Marcellus Jerome Clarke

a.k.a., “Sue Mundy.” Marcellus Jerome Clarke (1844 – March 15, 1865) was a Confederate captain who in 1864 became one of Kentucky’s most famous guerrillas. He was rumored to be “Sue Mundy”, a character publicized by George Prentice, editor of the Louisville Journal. Marcellus Jerome Clarke was born in Franklin, Kentucky in 1844. At age […]

“Capitalism Has Failed”

Today, more than at any time previously, Westerners are justifying a move toward collectivist thinking with the phrase, “Capitalism has failed.” In response to this, conservative thinkers offer a mindless, knee-jerk reaction that collectivism has also had a dismal record of performance. Neither group tends to gain any ground with the other group, but over […]

Imperial Disaster-Global Research

i give up on the American sheep! No one is that stupid, without really trying hard. A rational person, could not believe the bull shit coming out of Washington DC. They have to be refusing to see, because they like being stupid, cowardly sheep. No other exclamation. John C Carleton Imperial Disaster

Israel’s Humanitarian Disaster In Gaza Is By Design

Israel’s deliberate targeting of Gaza’s health sector and denying those in need of humanitarian care from obtaining it constitute a crime against humanity by any definition. Some describe Gaza as either the world’s largest “concentration camp” or “open air prison”, while others liken it to the modern-day equivalent of the Warsaw ghetto. Whatever appropriate analogy […]