Where i Come From

Where i come from

A father and mother who gave a damn, fed me, clothed me until i could get some after school yard jobs in Jr high, whipped my ass when it needed it, loved me.

Grew up split between swimming in the Rio Grande, (used to swim over to the Mexican side), and swimming in the headwaters of a mountain stream.

Hills were a damn good place to grow up.

The land of America, is a good land. The people who have held Mother Nature down and gang raped her for generations, have also dumbed down the people, where it is a challenge for them to pour piss out of a Texas Cowboy boot, with the instructions written on the underside of the heel.

The people have to be de-programed. Taught self reliance and self pride, not ego, self pride, pride in living in harmony with the Laws of Nature, Treating the earth and other beings in the most compassionate manner possible.

Course some beings just will not leave peacefully with others.

Thats why you step on cockroaches, kill fire ants.

Folks, it’s a good land. Just need to run the vermin out, go back to common law courts, and adherence to Natures Laws.

Not something going to happen easily or over night.

No time like the present to start educating yourself, in the real world, things that really matter.

John C Carleton