Persons Attending Any Church, Should be Armed

My father was a Southern Baptist Minister. He had this Smith and Wesson model 10, 4 inch barrel, 38 special which had a higher church attendance record than most people.

Now my revolver was not as faithful as my fathers, yes it also had a high church attendance record, but it also made it to dances, parties on the river, some out of season road hunting, (Dry country, and local bootlegger gave me two bottles of rot gut whiskey per deer, barter system), and a few other things, but it was a faithful church member.

If the church wants you to be a sacrificial sitting duck, give them the bird, take yourself and money elsewhere.

I alway assume when something like this happens, Washington DC is responsible until they prove to me otherwise.

Realized years back that anyone works for DC, is forbidden from speaking the truth, so, DC can not prove their innocence, no matter what antics they try.

Have great sympathy for those family members who have had their hearts ripped out.

Shooter should have gotten off no more than one, two shots max, before three or four deacons blew his ass away.

Things are going to get much worse before they get better.

Any one who wants decent folk disarmed, and sitting ducks for government false flags or lone nut cases, is one of two things.

A fucking moron!

Or your mortal enemy.

John C Carleton