Of Scars and Spirituality Through the Ages

I have scars.

Have mental scars, emotional scars, spiritual scars, physical scars.

I have scars from the top of my head to the tips of my big toes, and all the way between. They are all in the front, except one small surgical scar on my shoulder, minor procedure.

If i ever went bald, i will not naturally, but if i did, the top of my head would look like a roadmap of Texas. Windshields, hard immovable objects i tried to move with my head, and several other trophies. Missing pieces of me here and there.

Some people can not be caged, can not live that safe boring life of the cowardly sheep. Such am i.

Have read from several sources, people i respect, that our scars are from past lives, things from other lives not yet resolved.

Now, as one does not remember who they were in past lives, one is never sure when reading a bit of history, if you were that ass hole waging war because you loved war. But am sure, both from my linage and from my intuition, i have been the warrior many times. Have also been the priest, the pauper, musician, statesman, man of the Law, sailor, farmer, goat herder. Always the sheep herder, many times, thus my distaste for sheep.

When i was in the military, i told my wife several times, i have no right to be as damn good as i am in the military. I did not receive training which explains how i know this shit.

That was before i understood the truth of reincarnation, karma, true spiritual growth, understanding.

If i was standing in my skivvies, my body would look like a veteran of the Roman Legions, a Viking having spent a lifetime of war, a professional soldier who had survived many battles, with many wounds. All in the front.

Don’t know if that means my brakes don’t work good, or i am too stubborn for my own good, but it is better than having your scars in the rearward parts of you.

I hope i have, in my search for the truth, and taking responsibilities for my actions, this life and past ones, i can have a few less physical scars in the next life. Damn painful getting them.

If i have learned my lessons this lifetime, there will be less mental, emotional scars, spiritual scars next life also.

Eat the pain. Deal with it now.

John C Carleton