My Homeland is Once Again Under Attack

In the year 1861, the criminal mob that is Washington DC, using Puritan religious fanatical propaganda and indoctrination, mixed with the Marxist of the failed 1840s uprisings in Europe, attacked my Country. In 1865, the last of the freedom fighters surrendered, except for some like Frank and Jessy James. I must pause here to state […]

Washington DC is Soaked in the Blood of the Innocent, and Those Who Serve Washington DC, are evil murdering Whores who Drink and Bath in the Blood of the Innocent

Washington DC has been evil from the time the Empire planted their banner there. No one has ever added together, the total number of murders of the innocent which soaks the ground of Washington DC. It would be many, many millions of innocent souls murdered by Washington DC for wealth and power. There is a […]