Time to Organize a Big Ticket Item Boycott of All Counties, Cities Which Have Lied About, and Dishonored the Confederate Soldier

Enough of this mickey mouse shit.

The late war of aggression, rape, theft, murder, arson, kidnapping and occupation of the Sovereign Southern people, by the Evil United States Army, was not about freeing black slaves. That is documented and provable to any open minded non biased person not using a lie they know to be a lie, for self serving political purposes. If they are ignorant of the truth, they should shut the hell up, resign from whatever government teat hanger position they fill, and go learn some damn True American History.

Lincoln himself, his documented words and speeches, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, he was rabid racist who plainly said that blacks were an inferior people, who should never be allowed to intermarry with whites, should never be allowed to vote, and belonged to an organization which tried to raise funds to ship blacks back to Africa, so they would not pollute the white race.

It is provable, that the reason the self righteous Puritan Yankees did not want slavery in the Western states and territories, because with slavery, came lots of blacks, and they wanted those areas reserved for whites only.

Lincoln Himself in a letter to the editor during the war, stated that if no blacks were present in Kansas for example, then they could not mix with the white race there and contaminate it.

Several Norther states had laws forbidding blacks from entering their States, or becoming citizens of that state.

Some time back, got my hands on some books about as rare as hens teeth. Compiled ending in 1942, but published in 1964, one volume on Southern Newspaper Editorials on Secession, and two volumes on Norther Newspaper Editorials on Secession, 1860-1861. Paid dearly for them. Never republished. One would think the history revisionist have been using them to start fires or something of the kind.

The Columbus Crisis, Feb. 7, 1861, is having a fit because 18 free blacks from Virginia were allowed into Ohio, and horrors, more said to be coming.

Chicago Daily Tribune, Dec. 18 1860. Editorial on how the confederacy would never be allowed to control the mississippi river and the mouth of the Mississippi, as the Confederacy could then do to the Northern States, what the Norther States had done to the Southern States for decades, bend them over financially, control commerce.

Editorial after editorial dealing with who was going to control the Mississippi and it’s mouth. I considered myself well read on the subject of Souther secession, but until i got these books, i had no idea the hugeness of this question in the reasons for the USA invading the South.

Letter from Gen. Sherman from Nashville, to Gen. John A. Logan, Chief of Staff.
“To secure the safety of the navigation of the Mississippi, I would slay millions-on that point I am not only insane, but mad.”

When the United States Army, burned Charleston, US troops raped black women to death.

The Rev. Mr. Connor, A Methodist minister whose personage was burned, emerged with a sick child wrapped in a blanket. A soldier seized the blanket. “No!’ Connor said, “he’s sick”. The solder tore the blanket off and threw it in the fire. “Damn you, ” he said, “One more word and i’ll throw the child after it”.
Sherman’s March, By Burke Davis.

In Colombia S.C., there was a convent, a school for young girls. The Mother superior had taught Shermans daughter, and thought Sherman would spare the convent. He told he would take care of things. He did. His soldiers broke in, stole everything of value, burned the convent. As the priest and Mother Superior, were trying to get the young girls to safety without them being gang raped by the United States Soldiers, the soldiers came up to mother superior, blew cigar smoke in her face, and jeered at her. “Wheres your God Now?’ Sherman is greater than him.”


Today. The Southern people are again being attacked by Washington DC. They never really stopped.

They occupied the South, at the point of a rifle, and crooked law. They taught their poison to our young, they brought their Puritan BS and adulterated Southern Churches with their zionist teachings. They forced their adulterated government on the Southern people. Now they are trying to erase the last memories of a free people who fought evil to be free, but lost. At the same time, they are forcing violence on the population.

Violence and hot heads in the street are not whats needed.
Hit them in their pocket book. If you are a Southern person, with honorable southern confederate ancestors, which the county, city where you reside, took a crap on your ancestors memories, by taking down flags, memorials, Boycott their ass. Do not buy any big ticket item in a town or county which calls your ancestors evil men for standing up to evil men who were raping and murdering their women and children. There are towns and cities, counties which have not allowed such cheap political shenanigans to be done in their cities and towns, Go there and buy that car, expensive electronics, heavy equipment, building materials.

To hell with the cites which shit on your ancestors. They don’t like your ancestors, guess they don’t want your money.

I personally will start organizing, a country wide, Southern at least, big ticket item boycott of Confederate haters cities and towns. Each area, needs to make a list of the surrounding cites and counties which are Confederate friendly, spend your yankee greenbacks there.

To hell with the places which took a dump on the memory of honorable men. Let them eat their self-righteousness when they get hungry and business is down, sales tax decline.

John C Carleton