I Have Learned Much From Dogs and Horses

My first love was a black and white dog. I was about thirteen, and some one had thrown a half grown pup beside the road. I always had this rescue thing in me. Tried it later with less success on girls and women.

When I left home, I could not take him with me, and he would have hated the city. He got run over one day, on the farm to market road in front of the house. My father called me and told me. I wrote a short story about him and Will post it here later perhaps. He taught me friendship and love, and then he was gone, to this day I miss him.

Many dogs from then to now, but only a few special ones. You can not experience love, without expericing the heartbreak and sadness of loss of the loved one, dog or human.

Horses now! Well I learned the look of craziness in the eyes of a beautiful mare, before I had a girlfriend. That mare was jet black, a fine looking horse, and nutty as a fruit cake. You could see the crazy in her eyes. Seen that in the eyes of more than one women. Had a gilding that i raised from a young colt. Gentle broke him. He had two habits that finally made him dog food. He would, when you were riding him, try to angle off and hit your leg on a tree, fence or such. A roll of the spur on the side would get that idea out of his head. The one that did him in was, when someone rode him, and tried to cross a creek, low water crossing, he would refuse to go in. He would act like he was scared of the water. Take the saddle off, turn him lose, he would go down and play in the water.

My father, tied him behind the pickup, and pulled him back and forth across the water, did not make a difference. One day, i said enough of this mickey mouse crap. I saddled him up and rode him to the Nueces river. Rode him right up to the water a dug the spurs in. He reared up and was starting to go back on top of me. I threw myself forward and got him back down. Road him home, unsaddled him, and the next auction day in Uvalde, he got sold for dog food. He never had to act afraid of the water again. A fool is a fool, an ass hole is an ass hole, usually not much one can do about those faults in horses, dogs, and humans. Best thing is to get those types out of your life. Had another horse learned to play cripple because when he was young, he has a knee injury. It got all better, but when you would ride him, he could hardly walk, until one put the spurs his ass. Then he could run like the wind.

Dogs, horses and a woman here and there have taught me love, patience, forgiveness, and heartbreak at the loss of some of the special ones. They have taught me that every dog person and horse, has things that they do that a person might not think they need to do. If you love someone, some dog, some horse, and they have some little things that irk you, you have to except them as they are. If you do not want to except them as they are, then you need to remove them from your life.

I retired from saving damsels in distress, as i figured out, hey, some of those girls have a thing for that dragon, and are working with the dragon, to lure in unsuspecting damsel rescuers. And whe i look in their eyes, it reminds me of that mare with the crazy eyes. Hell, i have sympathy for the dragon, don’t want to fight him.

The only horses on the place, are the wife’s miniatures, and one of them is flat crazy.

Now dogs, i still try to rescue some of them. Dogs have a special place in our lives. Show me a person a dog don’t like, and i will show you a person you had better keep a close eye on, because dogs know an evil person. I tell people that if my wife was as sweet as one of my dogs, i would have it made. She tells our daughter that ,”I think he like that dog more than he likes me”. I told her, that dog has never been mean to me.

Lost a very special dog at fourteen months. Tried to save her, but it was beyond that. I guess because she was so young, i took it hard. Wife went out, found as close looking pup as she could, He did not replace her, but he has his own place in my heart, the one who passed, still has a very special place in my heart.

Kind of a rambling piece, but what did i learn from these beings?

I have learned to except people, dogs, horses as they are, if i want them in my life, because anything else, is us trying to force someone else to do it our way, and thats called a control freak.

I have learned that there is no saving someone, or thing, which is hell bent on self destruction. Best thing is to get them out of your life, so they do not make you carry their baggage.

I have learned, there can not be love, without great sorrow and pain, when one loses that being to death. That is part of life, it is part of growing.

I have learned forgiveness. Because even those you love, and who love you, are going to hurt you now and then, by saying or doing something stupid, or rude. I have learned to ask for forgiveness. Life is too short to keep score when you love someone or thing.

Be good to each other, but if someone, brings only pain, and problems to your life, they should not be in your life, until THEY change, because THEY want to change.

Remember, a life is a terrible thing to waste. If you love someone or thing, and lock them up all their life, in a padded room, so they do not get hurt, so you do not have the pain of losing them to something, some accident.Then you have stolen their life, their chance to grow as they should, so you will be spared the pain of losing someone you love.

Surround yourself with people who bring something to the plate for you, not just take from your plate. Learn to be kind, patient, nurturing, truthful. You are the only person, on this earth, that you can personally, change, so that it is a better world. Worry about your own faults before pointing everyone else’s, and you will make a better world. Do that every day, and think what a better world you will live in.

John C Carleton