Red Russian Khazarian Putin Betrays Russia For His First Love, His Kin IN Occupied Palestine.

It is because the Syrians did not receive modern Anti-Aircraft systems, BECAUSE of Putin Protecting Israhell from Israhell’s own Criminal Actions, Israhell was able to murder those 15 Russian Servicemen, Putin sent into harms way himsel, with their hands tied behind their backs, for Israhell’s Criminal war planes safety while they were doing war crimes.

Now, folks supposed to believe Putin is trying to defeat ISIS in Syria!


If not for Putin running interference for Israhell Red Rat Khazarians, Iran and Syria would have taken the stolen by the Red Russian Rat Non Semitic Khazraians Occupying the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian’s Syrian Golan Heights the UN has Demanded the Khazarian Crime Cabal return to Syria again and again, back.

But Putin demanded they allow Israell to keep the stolen part of Syria, Blackmailed Syria and Iran from taking the Syrian Golan Heights back from the baby raping Red Russian Khazarian bastards!

“Wherefore By Their Fruits Yea Shall Know Them!”
Matthew 7:20.

The Ole Dog!

The Non Semitic Red Russian Expat and Spawn Thereof Turkmen Mongrel Khazarian Terrorist Nitwityahoo, and the Kill Em All For Jesssuuuuuss zionist Warvangelical “christian” Pompeo’s Collaboration of Evil Solidifies The Red Shield’s Scheming Plans to Do Further War Crimes Against Iran

I see two hands. Wonder if the other two hands are fondling each other’s ding a ling’s

Ratcheting economic sanctions, military force encirclement, inciting seditious violence and relentless war rhetoric. This all by the US and its allies over the past year towards Iran, yet it is Iran which is portrayed as posing “potential threats” to American interests.

The hastily arranged meeting last week between Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had the hallmarks of a war-plan summit amid a peak in renewed media provocation against Iran.

In the last weeks there has been a flurry of US media reports claiming that Iran is secretly moving ballistic missiles into Iraq and elsewhere across the region. As usual the media credulously cite anonymous intelligence and Pentagon officials on those claims.

Here’s CNN quoting one administration official: “There has been consistent intelligence in the last several weeks,” the official said, referring to “a potential Iranian threat against US forces and interests in the Middle East.”

Last month, the head of US CentCom made a similar dire forecast of Iranian intentions. General Kenneth McKenzie said: “I would expect that if we look at the past three or four months, it’s possible they [Iran] will do something that is irresponsible.”

Notice how General McKenzie tacitly acknowledges the background of the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign of economic sanctions and US military force buildup against Iran as if that is somehow normal international conduct. Then he turns all that US aggression on its head by accusing Iran of possibly doing “something that is irresponsible”.

There are worrying signs that the US and Israel are redoubling the pressure of war against Iran. This pressure has to be seen in the context of a formidable deployment of US military forces – troops, warplanes and warships in the region since May this year. The earlier buildup was announced on the basis of unfounded claims that Iran was preparing to launch offensive operations against American interests. Then came a series of mysterious attacks on oil tankers in the Persian Gulf over the summer which Washington blamed on Iran without evidence.


Netanyahu-Pompeo Meeting Solidifies War Plan on Iran

Giants and The Esttablishments Bull Shit

When one starts digging, does not take long to realize those in power are evil, liars and full of shit.

The Ole Dog!

6,000 year old footprint

These remains were discovered by Saudi oil industry technicians. He or she stood between 15 and 20 feet tall. The weathering on it is consistent with the technician’s description that the skull was originally found partially uncovered by the winds.

Genesis chapter 6 tells us, “There were giants in the earth in those days, and afterwards”. This one little verse says quite a lot. What does God mean when he said there were “giants” here on Earth? We have already seen how the pre-Flood world gave the ideal conditions for long life and huge growth, which we also know from the dinosaur, plant, insect and other fossils. But what about humans? We know the lived very long by the genealogies of Genesis (e.g. Adam lived 930 years). Would they, too, continue to grow very large?

Ron Wyatt, on one of his first trips to the Ark site, discovered Noah’s house and the grave of his wife, Mrs. Noah. He claims the sarcophagus was 18 feet tall. Now when we hear this, we think it to be incredulous. But is it really? What would we expect a 900 year old person to look like, who lived in a much better environment than ours? Would we expect them to be exactly like us, or different? I would certainly expect them to be different. And the Bible says “there were giants in those days”. So according to our best and most reliable source – the Bible – we should expect them to have been very large indeed (the Bible never exagerates).

So what does the fossil record show? Well this is where things get interesting. Giant ancient humans would fly in the face of evolution. It would show that we have actually devolved, not evolved. Since the 1800’s, there have been many written accounts of giant human fossils having been found. Additionally, very large tools have been found, which only very large people could have used.

There are a few photos of giant skeletons out there on the Web, but I am rather cautious about displaying any such photos not knowing if they were photoshop creations. But there are few that appear to be genuine. Of course, the ‘believability’ for a Bible literalist is a somewhat less daunting proposition: We know these giants have existed. In fact, since we know the world was amply populated with these creatures before the flood, we should be asking why all this evidence you’re about to read of hasn’t been made common knowledge.


The Self-Righteous zionist Zombie Infected Control Freak

The Head Pedophilic Rat Poking his paw into the chest of the pedophile & Lady Di murdering No Chin charlie, Fake prince.

The self righteous zionist Zombie Infected control Freak-
Froths at the mouth when the virus moves the host animal to speak-

like a rabid skunk It wishes to infect all others and spread It’s spiritual death-
It needs just one more victim, as a junkie needs just one more fix of meth-

Screaming of illusions of angry gods in It’s non human virus eaten. mind-
Seemingly drawn to and fixated on innocent little boy’s behinds-

This virus like the Black Death is spread by beady eyed vermin infested Rats-
Who demand the Rats be allowed to treat Humanity as Rat door mats-

Like the Black Death the solution to humanities persecution at the paws of the zionist Zombie Virus spreading Rat pack-
Humanity in defense of Humanity, must to times of old harken back-

The answer is buried in the past, but is not a unreachable ceiling-
Not at all, Humanities Salvation is an ole time world community Rat killing!

the Ole Dog!

The animal will fight for the last breath, but the Pilgrim Soul has no fear of death

The animal will fight for the last breath, but the Pilgrim Soul has no fear of death-
Tis not the soul i see when looking in a mirror and see looking back a man, a myth-

He is but an animal the soul wears to exist and function in this dimension-
This school of learning for the Soul, this joy and pain filled fruition-

Of the Soul’s pilgrimage to the souls hoped for final destination of Light-
Many more man animals in former lives have felt Deaths final bite-

One day, lessons learned, lust conquered, Wisdom Knowledge and Understanding obtained-
Death shall release me from my sentence of this world’s lessons of pain-

He shall carry my Soul gently Home to a joyous reunion of ancestors of old-
In that far off place of vallahalla, the Home of the Learned and Bold!

The Ole Dog!

Pierce Bush, Spawn of Damn yankee carpetbaggers, Grandson of the Late Serial Baby Raper Papa CIA BadBush, announces bid for suburban Houston congressional seat

The grandson of the late Serial Baby Raper President Papa CIA BadBush. will enter an already crowded GOP primary for Texas’ 22nd District.

The grandson of the late Serial Baby Raper President Papa CIA BadBush, nonprofit executive Pierce Bush, announced Monday morning that he is running for Texas’ 22nd Congressional District.

Bush enters a crowded GOP primary to replace U.S. Rep. Pete Olson, R-Sugar Land, whose seat was a national Democratic target even before Olson announced his retirement earlier this year. Bush made his bid official in a video playing up his experience as the Houston-based CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star.

“We face a very challenging time in our nation and, on the brink of losing a generation to an idea that socialism and free stuff, are the answers for their future,” Bush said. “But we all know that socialism has failed everywhere and everyone. It’s time for new leaders to stand for conservatism that empowers all Americans, placing individuals above government and ensuring that we all have the freedom to achieve success in life.”

The Texas Tribune first reported Sunday evening that Bush would file for the seat, citing an email that his father, Neil Bush, sent to potential supporters. In the email, he touted his son’s work in the nonprofit sector and asked friends to donate to the campaign.


He who lies down with a Khazarian street mutt, damns his prodigy.

Over 11 million a day stolen from the American Worker Class, given to the RothsRats private Crime cabal Headquarters in Occupied Palestine.

This is the RED SHIELD, Red Russian, Turkmen mongrel Non Semitic and not descended from Hebrews Khazarians Rat who runs the World Wide Khazarian Red Russian Mafia.

Mossad will hit the tankers, all you have to do if convince Americans to fight and die for Israhell, again!

Bomb Iran!!!!!!!!!

This little Semitic Palestinian child, has bigger balls than most Americans!

Then we agree!
Fuck America!
Viva Israhell!

Lady Di said “they were a bunch of evil lizards”.

Travis Park, San Antonio, Before The Gay Caballero yankee Carpetbagge pendejoberg, and his band of Mexico firster, Texican Hero Haters, RICO Crime CABAL DOWN AT SAN ANTONIO city hall, Stole Travis Park and The Texicans Confederate Memorial, a Time Capsule, and Two Cannons!

The Palestinian Freedom Fighter shot in the head, was Semitic and Indigenous to Palestine.
The Red Russian Turkmen mongrel invading species who Holocausted the Indigenous semitic Palestinian Freedom Fighter, is Indigenous to the Steppes of Russia, where their ancestors converted to the End of Times Pedophilia, Human sacrifice, and death Cult in 0740 AD.

Now, would you really want to leave your seed in the evil Khazarian bitchs which give birth to litters of these evil sons of bitches?

Your children would be born, a mortal enemy of GOD’s LAW/Natural LAW, as well as imps of hell.

The Ole Dog!

“God is God, no matter by what name you call him.”
General George S Patton

Israelis torturing non-Jewish children. Australian documentary film. Viewer discretion.

Historical documents, and Modern DNA testing have proved, the members belonging to the End of Times Pedophilia & Death Cult, which is Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Souls in the Indigenous semitic Palestine own own ancestral Home Land, ARE NOT HEBREW, ARE NOT DESCENDED from the Ancient Hebrew, but are a Mongrel Turkmen type criminal Khazarian from the Steppes of Russia, where the Non Semitic mongrel khazarians converted to the baby raping and Holocausting cult religion in the Year 0740 AD, in the Steppes of Russia.

The truth might not be sexy as a lie, but unlike the lie, will stand the test of time and illumination.

The Ole Dog.