Texas school pathologist files lawsuit after being denied work for refusing to sign pro-Israel oath-RT

Texas is not Rat Land
Israhell if you prefer.

Occupied Palestine, Israhell, Rat Land, is the private middle eastern Estate of the Rats, which they stole from the Semitic Palestinians, who the Rats Holocausted.
Rothschilds if you must lie and be politically correct.
Rothschild is just a made up name they used to hide their evil ancestry.

If someone is in my Home Land of the occupied for 153 years and counting, by force, Republic of Texas, and they just love Russian Expats so damn much, if they love Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians, in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land so damn much, they in the wrong fucking country.

There are Planes leaving for RAT LAND. (Occupied Palestine), every damn day!

The communities in occupied Texas used to get together, have Rat killings to control the vermin.

Seems perhaps it is time to resurrect an ole Republic of Texas Treadition!

John C Carleton


As a Descendant of the Washingtons, Washington DC Disgust Me!

Below my short commentary on my ancestry, is a reply post, (they posted on my comment wanting to preach bad right, good left), i made to some one was trying to cuss the “right”, and push the “left”.

i am an American.

Am not French, although i am by blood, a good quarter Frenchman.
American Frenchman

Am proud of my Scots-Irish heritage.
American Scots Irish.

Am proud of my straight line Y DNA Viking blood!
American Viking.

i am proud of my ancestors, from different cultures, different backgrounds, sometimes fighting side by side, sometimes against each other, who hammered out kingdoms and empires, which cover a good part of the globe, from one time to another.

i am no less proud of my fifth great grandfather, William, who got on the wrong side of the law in merry ole London, got shipped to Virginia as a slave.

He had the balls, the guts, to survive what was a brutal life under slavery, so his prodigy would live on, so that i could be here today, an American proud to be an American.

i have a huge problem with the evil on the land, and the collaboration of much of the American sheep with that evil.

But the war between dark and Light, is older than mankind.

Proud American.
John C Carleton.

You seem to misunderstand me.

It is my belief, if one has gone to Washington DC, to work for WASHINGTON DC/USA, whether elected, appointed, career bureaucrat, whether Demophile, or Republiphile, what ever gender, shade of tan or color, then one is an War Criminal, an Enemy of America and Americans, and if not a pedophile themselves, a pedophile enabler.

All of em.

As a descendant of the Washingtons, it shames me the evil comes out of a city named for my ancestors.

It disgust me, that a CITY named after the Washington’s, assassinated Lt. Col John Washington, last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon, recognized head of the Washington clan, aid de Camp to Robert E Lee, from concealment, in September, 1861, in what is now, West Virginia.

It disgust me, a CITY named after the Washingtons, murdered George S Patton, American General, WW 2, a descendant of the Washingtons, and a first cousin to General George Washington, in Germany, December, 1945.

John C Carleton

Jesus the Christ Said Chain A Heavy Weight Around A Pedophile’s Neck, Throw Them In The Deep End! Israhell’s Cult Religion Teaches, Promotes, and Practices Pedophilia!


Hello Houston, these Israhell loving zionist “christians”, have a huge problem!

I am an admirer of Jesus the Christ and his TRUE teachings.

If Jesus the Christ were to show up at an American “christian” church, he would bring his whip.

He would run them pedophile, usury, murder, organized crime loving hypocrites out of the “temple”.

If he were to show up at a modern American “christian” church, teaching what he tried to teach the Hebrews, the good American “christians”, would call Home Land Security, and have Jesus the Christ arrested as a foreign terrorist.

After they condemned him for not having any other Gods before his father.

Like not pledging allegiance to the symbol of the God, USA, by not pledging himself to the USA Flag.

Like not loving the hell out of the Turkmen/slavic half breed reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia, Russian Expats, Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians in the Semitic Palestinians Ancestral Home Land.

You know, the Russian Expats practicing the pedophilic Babylonian End of Times Death Cult religion, the same pedophilic cult religion which the Hebrews used to justify murdering Jesus the Christ, for keeping telling them the truth and calling them out on their despicable heathen evil.

The good holy “christians” would tell him, he was old fashioned, and the Bible said to forgive, and turn the other cheek, Send Uncle Sugar’s pedophilic ass some tribute, (Taxes).

The Sunday Morning Saints, would tell him he was rude, unfeeling, anti-semitic, racist, homophobic, uncivil, and just did not fit in well with good Jesus serving christians.

Course, according to the scuttle butt, Jesus the Christ said his check book is empty, his credit cards are maxed, and these zionist End of Timers, going to have to pay their own way for all the evil they do and support.

Said he has no interest being a sheep herder to such pedophile loving sheep.

He said instead, he thought he would find him a good hill farm somewhere near the woods, a hot women, fish in the creek which cuts past the cabin, and take long walks with his dogs.

Said dogs are loyal, unlike humans.

John C Carleton

Israel – The Promised Land of Organized Crime-YouTube

Israhell attacked the USS LIBERTY in in International waters in 1967, purposely murdering US sailors and Marines, trying to sink the ship, machine gunning life rafts.

Israhell attacked America at New York City, 11 September 2001, murdering over 3,000 people.

Israhell steals over 11 million dollars a day from the American worker.

i am American, her enemies are my enemies.

John C Carleton

CIA involvement in 1953 Iranian coup-YouTube

CIA, is the end product of the WW 2 OSS, which was founded and run, by Wild Bill Donovan, a double agent for the British, who worked for British interest, not American interest.

OSS was infiltrated by Red Bolshevik Communist USSR agents, as was FDR’s advisors.

OSS led the operation, collaborating with the Communist USSR, to murder America’s General, George S Patton, who refused to sell America out, and told the evil treasonous ass holes, he was going to tell the American people what Washington DC was upon to.

“Wild Bill, the treasonous America, turned by the British intelligence, a double agent, gave the American assassin the order, and $10,000 dollars in 1945 money, to murder Paton.

The assassin screwed up the operation, and only broke Pattons neck.

The Red Bolsheviks of the USSR finished the job while Patton was recovering in a Hospital in Germany.

The order did not originate with “Wild Bill”, the traitor to America.

CIA, is anti-American, and an organized crime cabal.

John C Carleton

Scientists Will Begin Geoengineering Experiment And Try To Block The Sun-Zero Hedge

The baby rapers of WASHINGTON DC, have been spraying the poison shit on your children’s heads, the food you eat, the water you drink, for years.

All one has to do is look up.

But the truth scares the shit out of the sheep, so they refuse to look up and see.

Facebook is shit.
Nothing of importance will start there, or end there.
Face book is entertainment for the sheep.

That said, when I was with a Southern Heritage organization, they wanted us to use FB to get the message out.
So I made A FB account.

People I went to school with forty years back, started finding me.
One, for some reason I mentioned they were spraying where I live that day.
She said she had never heard of such.
I told her to go outside and look up.

I never heard from her again, cause I am a nut case, a conspiracy nut, and she is sane!!

Bet she did not go look up, cowards never do.
The vastness of whats out there scares the shit out of the sheep.

John C Carleton


Putin’s Jews-Moment Magazine

Putin IS a “Jew”
His mother was a “Jew”.
Any wonder he protects Israhell from the ramifications of their evil, attacking everyone around them, stealing, Holocausting innocent people, stealing the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s Ancestral Home Land.

Wonder why the evil scum don’t just return to Russia.

Jew is a religious affiliation, like Baptist.

Russian is a nationality.

The miscalled Judaic religion, (Babylonian End of Times Death Cult), for the most part is made up of Turkmen/slavic reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia.

Their heathen cult promotes slavery, theft, murder and pedophilia.

Why should the Semitic Palestinians pay for the evil of Russian Expats?

Russian’s go home!

John C Carleton

Putin’s Jews