Patton – ‘Give me 400 000 gallons’

If Patton had not been stopped at this point, he would have crossed the Reine, and Germany would have surrendered shortly.

Germany was in retreat, and short of everything.
The German officers who knew anything said after the war, if Patton had not been stoped, the war would have been over.

But that was a problem for the Usury pedophile Khazarian Ratschild “bankers”.

Lots of money being made from the blood of the poor of the armies.
Stop the war, that stops!
The war had to be slowed down.

Everyone knew ole Go Slow and Get A Lot of Men Killed Monty could not fight his way out of a wet paper bag on his best day.

He would have to sit and plan a while.
He would have to have all; supplies in place.
He would have to have all his men placed just so.

Then he would go slow, getting men killed slowly all along the way.
Then he lost, it was all a waste, and WW 2 in Europe, lived into 1945, just as the RothsRats wanted.

WW 2 in Europe, if Pattons supplies had not been cut off, would have been over no later than September 1944.

This was is note worthy, as the most Americans killed in one battle was not D-Day, but at the Battle of the Bulge, which would not have happed, as the war would have been over, before this battle.

All those Americans, including the huge number killed at the battle of the bulge, did not need to die, but Patton was stopped.
So they did.
As well as all the Germans who died from that point on.

Then George had to pull another rabbit out of his ass, or the Bastogne battle could well have been lost, with the allies getting perhaps kicked back to Merry Ole again, making ALL Americans who died from D Day on, in vain.

There was another problem with George ending the war say in September 1944.

The Red Ruskeys were just entering Hungary to occupy them.
There were three countries remaining between Russia and Germany.
If the war ended in Sep 1944, Russia would not have been able to gobble up all of Europe between them and half of Berlin.

There would have been no Cold War.
And the Ratschilds would not have made trillions off the misery inflected on humanity and the blood shed in the Cold War.

Could not have that now could the Rats!

So Patton was stoped, the war was prolonged, more poor people died on all sides.

Patton made one last attempt to stop the Cold War after WW 2 was over, for his trouble he was murdered by USA/DC/Russia, for standing. up for America and humanity.

So the Ratschilds got their Cold War.
And the shit hole world that brought humanity.
Which makes the Rats very, very happy.

The Ole dog!

Putin Calls For A New System Guided By UN Charter… But Is It Possible?

Putin is a Ratschild Bitch.
More than likely a bastard child of the evil child raping, thieving, mass murdering son of a Khazarian bitch you see him standing there with, kissing Israhell’s ass.

He has constantly betrayed Russia, Syria and Iran, for the benefit of the Rats and the Rat’s private stolen playground, the Israhell crime cabal occupying Palestine.

It is fitting Putin the Rats bitch, is put into a joint photo with FDR, a Rat’s bitch who betrayed America to Red Russian Non Semitic Khazarian Rats.

The plan of the Rats, has always been cause so much fear, war, starvation, turmoil in the world, that when the Rats offer a “One World Government”, (unelected and unreachable by common folks of course, with the Rats in charge), the world’s sheep would bleatingly thank the evil persecuting them, causing all the fear and pain and death in humanity, for saving them by making them world slaves to the Ratschilds.

Putin seems to be their front guy, and the failed UN which has helped the Rats do their crimes against humanity, will be. held up as the salvation of humanity.

The sheep are exceedingly stupid.
If that is genetic stupidity, or self imposed stupidity, the world shall see.

If it is genetic, then the sheep are good for nothing but slaves anyway, it is what they desire, being afraid of self responsibility.

If it is self imposed, then there is hope for the ones, when they find their backs to the wall, and the Ratschilds dropping their pants, telling the world to bend over, find their voice and a set of balls.

The Ole dog!

Anyone looking with sober eyes upon today’s world and the feeble economic and geopolitical underpinnings holding the system together must accept the fact that a new system WILL be created.

This is not an opinion, but a fact. We are moving towards eight billion lives on this globe and the means of productive powers to sustain that growing population (at least in the west) has been permitted to decay terribly over the recent half century while monetary values have grown like a hyperinflationary cancer to unimaginable proportions. Derivatives speculation alone under the deregulated “too big to fail” banking system has resulted in over $1.5 quadrillion in nominal values which have ZERO connection to the real world (GDP globally barely accounts for $80 trillion). Over the past 5 months $415 billion of QE bailouts have been released into the bankrupt banks to prevent a collapse. So, economically it’s foundation of sand.

Militarily, the west has followed the earlier Roman empire of yesteryear by overextending itself beyond capacity creating situations of global turmoil, death and unbounded resentment at the dominant Anglo American powers controlling NATO and the Military industrial complex. The recent near-war with Iran at the start of 2020 put the world on a fast track towards a nuclear war with Iran’s allies Russia and China.

Culturally, the disconnection from the traditional values that gave western civilization it’s moral fitness to survive and grow has resulted in a post-truth age now spanning over three generations (from the baby boomers to today’s young adults) who have become the most confused class of people in modern history losing all discrimination of “needs” vs “wants”, “right” vs “wrong”, “beauty” vs “ugliness” or even “male” and “female”.

Without ranting on anymore, it suffices to say that this thing is not sustainable.

So the question is not “will we get a new system?” but rather “whom will this new system serve?”

Will this new system serve an oligarchical agenda at the expense of the nations and people of the earth or will it serve the interests of the nations and people of the earth at the expense of the oligarchy?

Putin Revives a Forgotten Vision
President Putin’s January 15 State of the Union was a breath of fresh air for this reason, as the world leader who has closely allied his nation’s destiny to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, laid out a call for a new system to be created by the five largest nuclear powers as common allies under a multi-polar paradigm.

After speaking about Russia’s vision for internal improvements, Putin shifted towards the international arena saying:

“I am convinced that it is high time for a serious and direct discussion about the basic principles of a stable world order and the most acute problems that humanity is facing. It is necessary to show political will, wisdom and courage. The time demands an awareness of our shared responsibility and real actions.”

Calling for Russia, the USA, UK, China and France to organize a new architecture that goes far beyond merely military affairs, Putin stated:

“The founding countries of the United Nations should set an example. It is the five nuclear powers that bear a special responsibility for the conservation and sustainable development of humankind. These five nations should first of all start with measures to remove the prerequisites for a global war and develop updated approaches to ensuring stability on the planet that would fully take into account the political, economic and military aspects of modern international relations.”


Patriot missile system deployment violates Iraq sovereignty: Lawmaker

A armed murdering thief cares not for right, justice, fairness, good, others spilled blood.

When you think USA, just think of a 16th century pirate boss, who controlled many evil murdering thieving cut throats, rapist, and murderers, on many ships.

The Ole Dog!

An Iraqi legislator has condemned US plans to install Patriot missile systems in the Arab country, saying such deployment violates Iraq’s sovereignty.

“The Iraqi parliament represents all political groups and currents. The (parliamentary) decision demanding the withdrawal of US military forces is supported by the public opinion. Therefore, the [American] troops’ attempt to deploy Patriot missile systems in their bases in order to beef up their combat capabilities is rejected and considered a violation of our sovereignty,” Karim Alawi, a member of the parliament’s security and defense committee, told Arabic-language Baghdad Today news agency on Thursday.
He added, “The presence of US forces in Iraq is illegal. The recent parliamentary decision is clear. The ball is now in the government’s court to get those forces out. If it is not implemented, there will a reaction from all fronts, including filing a complaint with the United Nations and other Islamic organizations with the aim of removing American troops.”


Is Kissing Ass Something You Learned from A College Course, Or Is It A Natural Ability?

The above is a question o posed to a first class admin type petty office. who had on his salad bar, the Navy/Marine Corp Achievement metal, with five gold stars if I remember right.

Lets just say, I spent over 15 years in the Navy SeaBees, did time in some real shit holes, stateside and overseas.
Did my war.
When I stopped running around the world making it safe for pedophilic usury cowardly mass murdering thieves, I had one NAM.

And I was the Seabee the chiefs turn to when they wanted to tell someone to get some really difficult and hard shit done, without giving a thought to the possibility it might not get done.

course, I was also that SeaBee, who got sent way out in the field to do something, when big brass came visiting the command.

The one I got, was for breaking all the rules when it mattered.
For appropriating without authorization a Pig, (Thats an M-60 general purpose crew served belt fed 7.672x51MM, (.308 Winchester) machine gun for you non military types), along with it’s crew, from a dumbed ass led heavy weapons squad bordering the hill my rifle squad was holding, and had it used to take out a group of “bad guys”, trying to cut through ALFA Companie’s razor wire entanglements, about 0300 hours on a long sleepless night.

Course, the citation don’t read like that because you simply can not being truthful, give a SeaBee a medal for breaking all the rules!

If I remember right, in the citation I ended up commanding the weapons squad on the next hill, cause then the pig was under my authorized command!

Militaries, governments, priest, historians, and used car salesmen, never allow the truth to interfere with their work.

So, as you can see, as hard as it was for me to get one NAM, without ever chewing anyones rope, or caressing someones ass with my lips, it was a legitimate question I asked the admin monkey.

I could have had many more NAMs if I had done what the suck asses did, write up my own NAM paper work and turn it into the command.

Never had no use for a command, which gives it’s officers and very senior NCOs medals for what the troops did.

Specially for times when they had nothing to do with making the decision to do the thing they gave themselves a medal for.

Like on that lonely night when if things had gone wrong instead of right, the same ones gave me a medal, would have been the lawn mower, and my ass would have been the grass.

When the admin winnie answered my above question to him, he beamed with a big shit eating grin and replied, “It is a God Given Talent!”.

So one might begin to see why the US military is hollow shell which could not fight their way out of a Bangkok Cat house on Saturday night pantie raid.

USA, murdered General George Patton because he would not sell out America to Red Russian communism, as the No Combat Collaborating Coward treasonous Ike did.

USA/DC with help from Russia murdered the Last American General, and made the cowardly No Combat Collaborating Coward, Red Russian Bolshevik loving, German civilian exterminating in Open Air Wintertime Reine Meadow Death Camps Ike, “president”.


The Ole Dog!

Who’s Going To Clean Up humanities Mess, After Their Self Imposed Extinction?

USA Burns Children To. Death In Their Church, Waco, Occupied Republic Of Texas, Because Their Parents were ALLEGED to Have “Illegal” Weapons.
“We must Kill The Children, To Save The Children”

The head Pedophile Rat gloating of the Holocaust of the Semitic Palestinian people in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land, at the hands of the Invading Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongrel Khazarian evil

Libya after the Ratschilds Bitches “liberated” the Libyan people.
But on the bright side, they now have a pedophilic Usury Ratschild “bank”.

Palestinians being Holocausted in their own Land, by invasive Non Semitic Red Russian Khazarians

One day soon after the last two legged “human” animal had fed the vultures, Odin and Thor took a tour of the Earth to assess the damages.

Those sorry pig fuckers sure left a hell of a mess!

Who is going to clean up this mess before the replacement species arrives?

Mother Nature.
She always cleans the Earth when a failed species has become extinct.

Those rapers of their young and betrayers of their advocates, sure made a toxic shit hole of the Earth, you sure Mother Nature can get it done before the new improved replacement species arrives?

Oh sure!
She always does!
Quite a gal that Mother Nature.

Oh well, guess that means we are off duty untill the new bunch arrives.
If you need me, I will be in Valhalla chasing the serving girls around the tables in the chow hall.

Leave that little brunette with the mischievous smile alone.
She’s mine!
You recall what happened to your ass last time i caught you trying to sneak around with my favorite girlfriend!
Feel like getting banished to the Earth again

There is NO gal worth that punishment!

I see you are learning.

Don’t Mother Nature get tired of cleaning up behind failed species?

Thats what jackals, worms and vultures are for, to do the real dirty work.
She just covers it all up with a new layer of land and soil when her helpers are through!

Say, until the replacements arrive, how about you and me go hunting Frost Outlanders for sport?

Loki’s ass is mine!


The Ole Dog!

Disclaimer- Or Why I Stick My Ass Into The Cannon’s Mouth

Don’t want to own the Earth and all in it.
Then one is responsible for the welfare of the Earth and all in it.
I’d rather pick my guitar and watch the chickens peck.

Don’t want want to be filthy rich.
Can not take stuff with you when you die.
When you are rich, your friends are “money friends”
Either your friend for the “prestige” they get from hanging with rich folks, or they want some of your money.

Don’t want to see how many bimbos i can bed.
Got a wife and sometimes one female is way too much to put up with.
When I was a young buck, i was know to have two or three girlfriends I was juggling, and it was very nerve wracking.

In my spiritual growth, i stoped looking at their teats and ass, and started looking in their eyes\.
What i saw there, was not attractive, no matter the meat sandwich wrapped around what i saw inside.
Plus, growing older, I have observed that the vast majority of women, get fat and let themselves go, do not try to take care of themselves so that they remain attractive for or to their mate.
It is like a women. i heard say one time, women starve themselves for 18 years to get a man, we get married, we EAT!

Now you “men”, the same has been in your cases from my observation.
It is just seeing husbands pig out, slop out, was a casual observation, while the interest in what women looked like, is near and dear to the Ole Dog’s heart!

Never claimed to be no saint, just said the Ole Dog, was no sheep!

Have found the majority of dogs are more friendly, more loving, more grateful to those who love and care for them, than most women.

Again, not real impressed with most “men”.
Again, men and love just ain’t my thing.
But I got more experience in my brash youth with the “fairer sex”, than wisdom and age tell me was wise.
Personal experience and a couple of ex wives in that equation so to speak.

Don’t give a shit about fame, it is fleeting.
As i have no respect for most of the two legged animals walking the earth at the moment. why the hell would i care what sheep i shake my head at their cowardliness, and ignorance, think about me?

Don’t want to be the block captain, mayor, governor, president, or general.
When you are in charge, one is constantly trying to pull a solution out their ass for all the shit the sheep can screw up faster than you can fix it.
When in charge, one is expected to save the sheep from themselves while they are cussing you for trying to save them.

Every intelligent being I have talked to, thinks Humanity, as a species, is not going to make it.
They no longer want to engage in the fight for humanity, because the sheep fight those trying to show the sheep how to save themselves.
Sheep don’t want to save themselves, they want someone else to do the hard, dirty, bloody work of saving their asses from themselves, their evil shit and collaboration. with evil.
They thought Jesus the Christ was going to kick the Romans ass all by himself, set them up in a kingdom where they were top dog, did not have to toil, strive, exert personal efforts, put their own ass on the line.
When they found out he just wanted them to stop being evil, and to help kick the Romans out, not do it all by himself, they turned on him and helped the Romans murder Jesus the Christ.

There were many species, before the current two legged animals, and there will be untold species after the extinction of the current two legged animals.

The war, of the Light against the Dark, Good against evil, predates humanity, by eons.
That war will still be fought, when humanity is just a foot note of history, just one more extinct failed species.

I am a Warrior for the Light.
Not perfect.
Cuss like a sailor.
Have a hair triggered temper.
Can squash the evil, with the same emotion used to take out a gnat that buzzed my ear once too often.
For countless lives, i have watched the sorrow, grief, pain,. torture inflicted on others by the evil ones.

For countless lives, in defense of humanity, I have said, lets go get em boys!
And they have done so!
Again and again!
And it has solved nothing, because humanity refuses to take control, blame for their own action, and grow spiritually.

Have lost most of my patience for the two legged sheep.
At this point, am tired of fighting the sheep to try to save the sheep, from the sheep.
Sheep make themselves extinct, i will remain fighting the Evil, as I was before the current two legged animals were taken out of the creation oven.

Want to be a failed extinct species, go right ahead.
Do it on. your own, not interested in taking shit from sheep for trying to help them any longer.
Like that girlfriend one had, which was self destructive, one tried everything to save her from herself, but in the end, to save oneself from being dragged down with her, one had to let go, step back and say, ok, you want to wallow in evil them die to face that evil you did, be my guest.
I have more pressing things to attend to.

I fight on against the evil, because that is who and what I am.
Humanity is just a species came along while the fight was ongoing, some of us thought had potential to become advanced spiritual beings.
We were wrong!

So humanity, party On, your bill for the party is being prepared.
If you want to survive now, that is up to you, cause you are going to have to do the hard, painful, sorrowful dirty work to save your own asses and species.

The ones fought for you many-many lives, have given up in disgust.

It is called tough love, just as one of your children, who is just a ever-loving screw up.
Always doing bad stupid shit.
You worry about them, you try to make sure they don’t kill themselves through stupidity, self destructive behavior.
Then the day comes, when there is just no more energy, or desire to continue this.
One turns to their child, stays, sink or swim.
I am through!
If they survive, get their shit together, then you will be happy for them.
If they damn well continue in their Micky mouse evil, till it kills them, you are sorrowful, but a relief, it is finally over, it is done.

Whats it going to be humanity, cause the ones been changing your stinking dirty diapers and baby powering you asses for more lives than they care to remember, are tired of changing your diapers,
Learn to go shit in the toilet, after pulling your own pants down, or walk around with shit in your ass, till you die.

Up to you!

Just be considerate enough to stand down wind while you go extinct!

Carry on!

The Ole Dog!

The Gaping Fallacy Of The World Wide Khazarian Mafia’s ” (“Jews”) “God Gave It To US!!!!!!!

First off, the “people”, who are trying to assume the now defunct Hebrews identity and the Late Period, (and only the late period Hebrew’s cult religion), are Red Russian non Semitic Turkmen Mongrel Khazarians.

There are accepted historical documents which which prove this.
Proves the Khazarians, who had a kingdom/empire, in the Steppes of Russia, converted to the pedophile practicing, Usury & slavery of others glorifying, rape approving, mass murder approving, war mongering angry demon war god End of Times Death Cult religion, in the Steppes of Russia in the year 0740.

Don’t argue with me, read the book.

There are also now modern DNA test which prove the Khazarians, which are the vast majority of the members, believers, extended family members, believers or not, which make up the cult religion known as the “judaic” religion, are not descended from the Ancient Hebrews.

The closest living relatives to the Hebrews, are the Yemen people. with about 10 percent ancient Hebrew Genome.

Ya know, the real Hebrews the Fake Khazarian “hebrews”, are helping the Saudi “royal” Crypto Khazarians Holocaust, the Yemen people!

This means, this Yahooway, the angry pedophilic, slavery promoting, mass murder promoting, bashing babies brains out against rocks ordering, “god”, never met the Khazarians, and the Khazarians never met this “god”.

I have no doubt, this Yahooway character was a real being who was present on this earth at one time, and cut a deal for certain peoples to be his slaves, and if they were, he would reward them with plunder and protection.

But this dude was long gone before the Hebrews turned to this cult, and it stands to reason, the Hebrews borrowed this “history’ from another people as much of their “history” proves to be borrowed from other earlier sources.

But lets just pretend for a moment, for intellectual purposes, the Khazarians are the real McCoy.

1. Common sense tells one, one can not get ones butt kicked out of a house/country, couple thousand years back, and just because no one wants their decedents around, cause they keep stealing everything, lying, raping/murdering the Host children, they should be able to go back to where their ancestors owned a house/country and slaughter everyone, just steal it from the present owners.

It is not moral, or legal, to go back two thousand years later, mass murder everyone on the Land owns it now, rape their children, steal their stuff, and claim this angry pedophilic war god, “gave” it to them!

2. If one has no rudder of wrong and right, the foregoing senecio may not seem an obstacle to them.
Thus, #2 is the Land was to be divided by Tribes!

Whoops!, These Khazarians, even if they were hebrews, have no idea which “tribe\” they belong to, thus can not claim a share of the Land.

3. The ones who were to pass out the Land, decide which tribe got what, was another tribe, the Levites, the Priest class.

The Khazarians have Rabbis, not Priest, as this cult is not the same religion, the Ancient Hebrews practiced at the times of Kings David and Solomon.

So two strikes, first nobody would know what tribe they were from to receive the Land, and the Priest Class, don’t know they are the Levites, so they can not decide which tribe gets what.

3. The Covenant!
A covenant is a contract.
All parties must adhere to all categories, each line, all sub categories of the contract.
Only with approval by both parties, or all parties as the case may be, can the contract be altered after the fact.

Yahooway told the Hebrews, he would be their “god”, as long as they obeyed the contract, which the Hebrews wiped their butts on repeatably.

Just to top things off, no one has seen this yahooway dude in thousands of years.
He seems to have gone “Walkabout”.
So, no way to change the contract.

Now, seeing as the contract can not be changed because Yahooway is missing in action, and the contract is rendered Null and Void by the Hebrews continual violation of the terms, the contract is a piece of ancient history, only of historical interest, which might be borrowed history anyway on the part of the original Hebrews, not just the Fake “hebrews”.

Strike Three!!!

Back to the Khazarians are proved to not be Hebrews!

Game Over!

This means the Red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarians, mass murdering the semitic Indigenous Palestinian souls in the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s own ancestral Home Land, Occupied Palestine, are just some real evil child raping/murdering, thieving, lying, Usury practicing, holocausting, Genociding, perverted, low life war criminals, scum sucking mother hunching sons of whore Khazarian street mutt bitches, as well as the evil whored out insane zionist Zombie Virus infected bitches themselves.

Khazarian definition of Racism against Khazarians.

Telling the truth about their lies and perverted evil behaviors.

The kicked Khazareain street mutt, is the one which howls!

The Ole Dog.

Americans Are Either To Stupid, Or Ignorant As The Case May Be, To Understand True Freedom.

USA Burns Children To. Death In Their Church, Waco, Occupied Republic Of Texas, Because Their Parents were ALLEGED to Have “Illegal” Weapons.
“We must Kill The Children, To Save The Children”

Americans are either too stupid, or ignorant as the case may be, to understand freedom.

Why the hell, start a war, blow things up, kill a lot of folks, fighting for something they do not even understand.

Americans do not need a revolution, American need Education.
Not more schooling, a real education to facts, reality and what freedom really means.
If they educated themselves, there would need be no war, as a slave master can not exist for long if all the slaves realize they are slaves, and all give the slave master the middle finger at the same time.

If Americans win freedom, without understanding freedom, and the constraints/Duties freedom brings, the responsibilities true freedom brings, they will just sell it for a short vulgar dance and a fleeting song, just as they did when they allowed the slave and Empire making “constitution” to be forced on free Americans, making them once again slaves.

An American war for independence from the British Empire was fought and won once already.
Why fight another revolution for freedom from the British Empire, (Ratschilds), when in damn near three hundred years the American sheep still do not understand true freedom.

They would just piss it off again!

American’s MUST embrace Reality, a True Education of Freedom, Stand up, Speak up, if Americans as a people are to survive.

Any Armed revolution, before that is like pissing into a chilly wind.
Ya get a brief warm feeling, followed by a lasting cold hard reality!

If Americans educated themselves, the evil in DC. could no longer function, not for long.
Americans would win their freedom again, without blowing everything up, making a bunch of unneeded orphans/widdows, weeping parents, sweethearts and siblings.

No, the pedophilic bankers don’t get rich and keep control this way, but everyone has to put something in the pot, if humanity is to survive.

Cause Americans are some real cowardly dumb ass sheep for the most part, but. having traveled around the world a bit, studied other cultures, I don’t see any sheep out there in a much better shape morally, real education wise or balls wise.

Especially the English!

The Old Dog!

Secret Wars, Forgotten Betrayals, Global Tyranny. Who’s Really In Charge Of The US Military?

“One key element to this reorganisation under Truman was the dismantling of the previously existing foreign intelligence bureau that was formed by FDR, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) on Sept 20, 1945 only two weeks after WWII was officially declared over. The OSS would be replaced by the CIA officially on Sept 18, 1947, with two years of an American intelligence purge and the internal shifting of chess pieces in the shadows. In addition, de-facto President Truman would also found the United States National Security Council on Sept 18, 1947, the same day he founded the CIA. The NSC was a council whose intended function was to serve as the President’s principal arm for coordinating national security, foreign policies and policies among various government agencies.

In Col. Prouty’s book he states,

“In 1955, I was designated to establish an office of special operations in compliance with National Security Council (NSC) Directive #5412 of March 15, 1954. This NSC Directive for the first time in the history of the United States defined covert operations and assigned that role to the Central Intelligence Agency to perform such missions, provided they had been directed to do so by the NSC, and further ordered active-duty Armed Forces personnel to avoid such operations. At the same time, the Armed Forces were directed to “provide the military support of the clandestine operations of the CIA” as an official function.”

The British Empire, is the old Dutch East India Company, moved to the Square Mile, THE CITY OF LONDON, rebranded the British Empire.

This is a Crime Cabal, run by the Ratschilds, which uses Humanity like a two dollar whore on a street corner.

USA/DC, is a sub corporation of the Rat’s British Empire, having been incorporated under the Rats British Empire.

During World War 2, the Khazarian Communist bastard, FDR, had set up, the OSS, which is the war time parent of the CIA.

“Wild” Bill Donovan, a British agent, although of American birth, set up and ran the OSS, until it was disbanded, and the CIA replaced it after World War Two.

So from the beginning, the CIA was an Anti-American treasonous to America clandestine organization which had the turning Americans into slaves for the Ratschilds and their world wide Khazarian Mafia.

Basically now, the CIA is in control of the USA Military, which is the Military Arm of the RothsRats Khazarian Mafia, not an American defense force.

The British Empire is in control of the CIA.

The Rats Run the Evil of the Criminal British Empire.

Americans are stupid as hell of reality.

Two questions remain:
1. Are the American sheep really that damn stupid, or is this self imposed ignorance by inserting their heads up their rear tail pipe?

2. Do Americans have the balls to pull their heads out of their asses and save America from the Rats, before it is too late?

The Ole Dog!

In order to assess such situations, we cannot lose sight of the whole picture, and righteous indignation unfortunately causes the opposite to occur. Our focus becomes narrower and narrower to the point where we can only see or react moment to moment with what is right in front of our face. We are reduced to an obsession of twitter feeds, news blips and the doublespeak of ‘official government statements’.

Thus, before we may find firm ground to stand on regarding the situation of today, we must first have an understanding as to what caused the United States to enter into an endless campaign of regime-change warfare after WWII, or as former Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff Col. Prouty stated, three decades of the Indochina war.

An Internal Shifting of Chess Pieces in the Shadows
It is interesting timing that on Sept 2, 1945, the very day that WWII ended, Ho Chi Minh would announce the independence of Indochina. That on the very day that one of the most destructive wars to ever occur in history ended, another long war was declared at its doorstep. Churchill would announce his “Iron Curtain” against communism on March 5th, 1946, and there was no turning back at that point. The world had a mere 6 months to recover before it would be embroiled in another terrible war, except for the French, who would go to war against the Viet Minh opponents in French Indochina only days after WWII was over.

In a previous paper I wrote titled “On Churchill’s Sinews of Peace”, I went over a major re-organisation of the American government and its foreign intelligence bureau on the onset of Truman’s de facto presidency. Recall that there was an attempted military coup d’état, which was exposed by General Butler in a public address in 1933, against the Presidency of FDR who was only inaugurated that year. One could say that there was a very marked disapproval from shadowy corners for how Roosevelt would organise the government.

One key element to this reorganisation under Truman was the dismantling of the previously existing foreign intelligence bureau that was formed by FDR, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) on Sept 20, 1945 only two weeks after WWII was officially declared over. The OSS would be replaced by the CIA officially on Sept 18, 1947, with two years of an American intelligence purge and the internal shifting of chess pieces in the shadows. In addition, de-facto President Truman would also found the United States National Security Council on Sept 18, 1947, the same day he founded the CIA. The NSC was a council whose intended function was to serve as the President’s principal arm for coordinating national security, foreign policies and policies among various government agencies.

In Col. Prouty’s book he states,

“In 1955, I was designated to establish an office of special operations in compliance with National Security Council (NSC) Directive #5412 of March 15, 1954. This NSC Directive for the first time in the history of the United States defined covert operations and assigned that role to the Central Intelligence Agency to perform such missions, provided they had been directed to do so by the NSC, and further ordered active-duty Armed Forces personnel to avoid such operations. At the same time, the Armed Forces were directed to “provide the military support of the clandestine operations of the CIA” as an official function.”

What this meant, was that there was to be an intermarriage of the foreign intelligence bureau with the military, and that the foreign intelligence bureau would act as top dog in the relationship, only taking orders from the NSC. Though the NSC includes the President, as we will see, the President is very far from being in the position of determining the NSC’s policies.

An Inheritance of Secret Wars
“There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare.”

– Sun Tzu

On January 20th, 1961, John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as President of the United States. Along with inheriting the responsibility of the welfare of the country and its people, he was to also inherit a secret war with communist Cuba run by the CIA.

JFK was disliked from the onset by the CIA and certain corridors of the Pentagon, they knew where he stood on foreign matters and that it would be in direct conflict for what they had been working towards for nearly 15 years. Kennedy would inherit the CIA secret operation against Cuba, which Prouty confirms in his book, was quietly upgraded by the CIA from the Eisenhower administration’s March 1960 approval of a modest Cuban-exile support program (which included small air drop and over-the-beach operations) to a 3,000 man invasion brigade just before Kennedy entered office.

This was a massive change in plans that was determined by neither President Eisenhower, who warned at the end of his term of the military industrial complex as a loose cannon, nor President Kennedy, but rather the foreign intelligence bureau who has never been subject to election or judgement by the people. It shows the level of hostility that Kennedy encountered as soon as he entered office, and the limitations of a President’s power when he does not hold support from these intelligence and military quarters.

Within three months into JFK’s term, Operation Bay of Pigs (April 17th to 20th 1961) was scheduled. As the popular revisionist history goes; JFK refused to provide air cover for the exiled Cuban brigade and the land invasion was a calamitous failure and a decisive victory for Castro’s Cuba. It was indeed an embarrassment for President Kennedy who had to take public responsibility for the failure, however, it was not an embarrassment because of his questionable competence as a leader. It was an embarrassment because, had he not taken public responsibility, he would have had to explain the real reason why it failed. That the CIA and military were against him and that he did not have control over them. If Kennedy were to admit such a thing, he would have lost all credibility as a President in his own country and internationally, and would have put the people of the United States in immediate danger amidst a Cold War.

What really occurred was that there was a cancellation of the essential pre-dawn airstrike, by the Cuban Exile Brigade bombers from Nicaragua, to destroy Castro’s last three combat jets. This airstrike was ordered by Kennedy himself. Kennedy was always against an American invasion of Cuba, and striking Castro’s last jets by the Cuban Exile Brigade would have limited Castro’s threat, without the U.S. directly supporting a regime change operation within Cuba. This went fully against the CIA’s plan for Cuba.

Kennedy’s order for the airstrike on Castro’s jets would be cancelled by Special Assistant for National Security Affairs McGeorge Bundy, four hours before the Exile Brigade’s B-26s were to take off from Nicaragua, Kennedy was not brought into this decision. In addition, the Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles, the man in charge of the Bay of Pigs operation was unbelievably out of the country on the day of the landings.

Col. Prouty, who was Chief of Special Operations during this time, elaborates on this situation:

“Everyone connected with the planning of the Bay of Pigs invasion knew that the policy dictated by NSC 5412, positively prohibited the utilization of active-duty military personnel in covert operations. At no time was an “air cover” position written into the official invasion plan…The “air cover” story that has been created is incorrect.”

As a result, JFK who well understood the source of this fiasco, set up a Cuban Study Group the day after and charged it with the responsibility of determining the cause for the failure of the operation. The study group, consisting of Allen Dulles, Gen. Maxwell Taylor, Adm. Arleigh Burke and Attorney General Robert Kennedy (the only member JFK could trust), concluded that the failure was due to Bundy’s telephone call to General Cabell (who was also CIA Deputy Director) that cancelled the President’s air strike order.

Kennedy had them.

Humiliatingly, CIA Director Allen Dulles was part of formulating the conclusion that the Bay of Pigs op was a failure because of the CIA’s intervention into the President’s orders. This allowed for Kennedy to issue the National Security Action Memorandum #55 on June 28th, 1961, which began the process of changing the responsibility from the CIA to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. As Prouty states,

“When fully implemented, as Kennedy had planned, after his reelection in 1964, it would have taken the CIA out of the covert operation business. This proved to be one of the first nails in John F. Kennedy’s coffin.”

If this was not enough of a slap in the face to the CIA, Kennedy forced the resignation of CIA Director Allen Dulles, CIA Deputy Director for Plans Richard M. Bissell Jr. and CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell.

In Oct 1962, Kennedy was informed that Cuba had offensive Soviet missiles 90 miles from American shores. Soviet ships with more missiles were on their way towards Cuba but ended up turning around last minute. Rumours started to abound that JFK had cut a secret deal with Russian Premier Khrushchev, which was that the U.S. would not invade Cuba if the Soviets withdrew their missiles. Criticisms of JFK being soft on communism began to stir.

NSAM #263, closely overseen by Kennedy, was released on Oct 11th, 1963, and outlined a policy decision “to withdraw 1,000 military personnel [from Vietnam] by the end of 1963” and further stated that “It should be possible to withdraw the bulk of U.S. personnel [including the CIA and military] by 1965.” The Armed Forces newspaper Stars and Stripes had the headline U.S. TROOPS SEEN OUT OF VIET BY ’65. Kennedy was winning the game and the American people.

This was to be the final nail in Kennedy’s coffin.

Kennedy was brutally shot down only one month later, on Nov, 22nd 1963. His death should not just be seen as a tragic loss but, more importantly, it should be recognised for the successful military coup d’état that it was and is. The CIA showed what lengths it was ready to go to if a President stood in its way. (For more information on this coup refer to District Attorney of New Orleans at the time, Jim Garrison’s book. And the excellently researched Oliver Stone movie “JFK”)


U.N. Suppressing Own Evidence Absolving Syria from ISIS Staged Chemical Attack

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The Rothschild-controlled United Nations’ own Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) fact-finding investigation has found no evidence that the Syrian government has any culpability to the ISIS-staged “chemical attack” on Douma residents, years ago. Yet, its final report, as compiled by an undisclosed party who were not on site during the investigation, concluded that there were some reasonable grounds to put the blame on Assad’s government.

The leadership of the chemical weapons watchdog took efforts to remove the paper trail of a dissenting report from Douma, Syria which pointed to a possible false flag operation there, leaked documents indicate.

In an internal email published by the transparency website WikiLeaks on Friday, a senior official from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) ordered that the document be removed from the organization’s Documents Registry Archive and to “remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever.”

Email from the Chief of Cabinet at the OPCW, demanding deletion of dissenting engineering assessment: “Please get this document out of DRA [Documents Registry Archive]… And please
remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever in DRA” …
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8:30 AM – Dec 27, 2019
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The document in question is a technical assessment written by inspector Ian Henderson after a fact-finding mission to Douma, a suburb of Damascus, in the wake of an alleged chlorine gas attack. Western politicians and media said at the time that the government forces had dropped two gas cylinders as part of an offensive against jihadist forces, killing scores of civilians.

The OPCW inspector said evidence on the ground contradicted the airdropping scenario and that the cylinders could have been placed by hand. Considering that the area was under the control of anti-government forces, the memo lands credence to the theory that the jihadists had staged the scene to prompt Western nations to attack their opponents.


U.N. Suppressing Own Evidence Absolving Syria from ISIS Staged Chemical Attack