UAE, (Washington DC’s/USA’s Friends), Officers Film Themselves Raping, Torturing Men in Yemen “Hidden Prisons”-Zero Hedge

Proud yet Mr. and Mrs. Chanters of USA!-USA!-USA!-USA!

Wonder if, as they were being raped, these men took comfort in the fact, they were being raped up the ass, by good allies and friends of Washington DC?

i am sure that made the pain, shame, humiliation, and death, just go away!


Land of the Pedophile, and home of the American Slave!

The zionist “christians” go:

Why the hell would he?

He a Pedophile god, like raping children, up the ass?
He a Usury loving God?
He a war mongering God?
Is he the God of kidnapping people, throwing them in prison for acts, which are not crimes?

John C Carleton

Iraqi Hezbollah Warns US of Retaliation for Mondays Air Strikes -Fars News

America, Washington DC/USA, is using your children for war criminal cannon fodder in Israel’s plans to steal most of Syria, like they did Palestine.

Of course, the non-Semitic Slavic/Turkmen outcast from the Steppes of Russia, plan to Holocaust the Semitic Syrians like they are doing the Semitic Palestinians.


The blackmailed bitch of illegal Israhell!!!!!

John C Carleton

Arab Daily: US Bases in Iraq, Syria, Easy Targets for Iraqi Popular Forces Retaliation-Fars News

Americans, your sons and daughters, are doing war crimes, murderers of innocent people, in their own damn countries, which have not attacked America.

Your sons and daughters, were not invited to these countries,

This makes them war criminals.

When they kill, it is murder.

Can not claim self defense when you are the criminal, and the initiator of hostilities.

So when little Jonny, or Margret, get sent home in a body bag, blame the pedophiles, of Washington DC, you keep voting for, not the people defending their homelands and families, from war criminal invaders.

John C Carleton

Israeli lawmaker: “Jewish race is the greatest human capitol, the smartest”-Mondoweiss

if they was as smart as they think they are, one one think they would figure out, they are half breed outcast, reject, Slavic Turkmen, from the Steppes of Russia, and the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, erroneously called the “Judaic religion”, is, TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!, A RELIGION!!!!!!!

Well, a cult really.

But looking at those buck teeth, and straight line genealogy charts, one could be wrong!

John C Carleton

An Underground Success!

Wrote a piece the other day, about how blowing the hell out of the three religious icons in the Middle East, was the answer to peace in the middle East.

Some low life thirty shekel Hazbara, pedophile, Usury, Cheerleading, zionist Israhell Hazbara, troll, tried to hump my leg.
in response to IT’s drivel, i posted a link to the piece, on Russian Insider, a place where zionist and Hazbaras, love to hate me.

Not but two people gave me a like on the post, and they are regulars giving me votes.

Got to make plain, i’d rather be fishing with my dog friends, than fighting zionist pedophhle trolls on the net.

But one does ones duty to the Light.

Don’t care about the votes.

But i do have a big lizard sense of humor.
That is known to most folks, as a dry English sense of humor.
Best redefined, as what big lizards find amusing.

i found it amusing, none of those Russian insider readers, “liked” my post, but 37 in one day, followed it home and read the short article.

Told my friend, i felt like the Sheriff in Blazing saddles!

John C Carleton

You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive-Patty Loveless-YouTube

The Scots Irish built this country, fought her wars, tamed her wilderness.

Hard working, people who put more stock in if a mans word was to be trusted, than lines and dried ink on paper, because if a man was a coward, or a liar, or dishonest, he was not your friend, and you did not trust your back to him, in a land where death was always just around the corner.

My wife’s father’s people were Scots Irish, mixed with Cherokee, from Kentucky.

Now my Carleton family line started out in Virginian, before moving to North Carolina, during the American revolt against the British Empire.

But, it was the part of Virginia, which was taken in, by kentucky later.

The Carleton’s, were Norman Viking, married into the Scottish families, which already had a lot of viking in their blood, then in the 1600s most of em packed up, moved to Ireland, where the married Irish girls.

A short return to England, then to the hills and unsettled lands!

Some of the Scots Irish, stayed in each place they stopped, but some always moved on, why i was born in Texas!

America needs to honor her heritage, instead of tearing and picking at each little sore they can find!

John C Carleton

US Fighter jets Strike Syrian Army Base at Border with Iraq to provide Back up for ISIL, (ISIS or, Israhell Secret Intelligence Service)-Fars News

Around yet you cowardly bastards praying in zionist churches, for these US troops to murder innocent children, and support those proxy forces of Israhell, which rapes and murders innocent children!

Jesus the Christ, said chain some cinderblocks around a pedophiles neck, and throw them in the deep end, but zionist “christians”, are praying to the welfare and victory, of Pedophiles!

Hello Houston!

We have a Problem!

John C Carleton