Some Finer Points Of Navigating The Preverbal Creek Without The Mythical Paddle Now The Organic Material Has Hit The Industrial Sized And Powered Propulsion System

If you do not respect others Rights, others Private Property, then there is no way you have any respect for yourself, or any right to try to tell people who have earned respect by trying, even the ones who have failed at things, keep picking themselves back up, going for it again, how to do jack shit!

Spare me the fake tears, self righteous indignation.
Any person really gives a shit about this animal murdering this man, in plain site, with the man begging to live, people begging the cops to let the man live, any person who truly cares about the cops trampling this mans rights, no matter what damn shade of tan he is, murdering him, would not dishonor his memory by looting, destroying private property.

World War 2 American General who saved the USA’s butt so many times in that war, General George S Patton had this to say about failing:
“I don’t judge a man by if he failed, but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.”

The USA and red Russia murdered him in appreciation to keep him from trying to stop the Cold War and from warning the American people about USA’s treason against the American people with the red Russian Bolshevik commie little girl and women till death gang raping and crucifying grandpas upside down red Russian “soldiers”.

(red Russians sound like Puritan little Southern children/ministers daughters gang raping till death yankees don’t they)?
Probably cousins!

Someone who got off their ass and tried to make a better world, even if they failed, has my respect while the sit on their ass, live at mama’s bunch in cities all across America last night, starting fires, beating up folks, destroying family business folks took a lifetime to build, has my utter contempt!

Yes African American folks too!
Saw a in his 40s-50s African American gentleman where his lives savings were put into his business, and in one night, people, many who have never had a job, ruined his life!

They said they were fighting for “black rights”.
Just not the rights of “Blacks” who’s businesses they burned and who’s lives they have ruined.
Stole from him his life work.

No one who will do that truly gives a shit who the police kill or why.

They just have a reason to do what comes natural to them, bitch and destroy what others built which the bitching fakes can not build.

ANY protest, and they are past time, which are done, MUST be peaceful!

Jesus the Christ, was for peaceful protest, not because if you bitch slapped him personally, he would not kill you ass, or a least hurt you bad, but because it made tactical and political sense when you are fighting an intrenched corrupt entitled “elite” crime cabal masquerading as “government” enemy, and they have most of the weapons and money.

Gandhi and Martin Luther King figured that out also.
Sun Tau said in the ‘ART OF WAR’, “sometimes the battle won is the one not fought”.

If you want a better America, there are two main points.

Use your numbers of peaceful masses demanding an end to the slavery by the “elites” of American Souls to deny legitimacy of the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac in the eyes of the world.


Look inward.
Only by owning your own self, your own “sins”, your own faults, can you grow spiritually and become a productive member of Human society.

Until you own your own faults, you can not fix them.

“He without sin, caste the first stone”.
Jesus the Christ.
You will notice he did not cast one either.

America is a shit hole because Americans sold their birthright for a cold Sixpack and a half hour with a warm body for hire.

Only when the MAJORITY of Americans have achieved TRUE HONOR, will America be worth a tinkers damn.

Words on paper mean nothing when the ones translating the words have no honor, would sell their aged mothers to a cat house for pensioners in Russia for another Ruble or shekel.

Without Honor, mankind is only an animal which has reared up on their hind legs, learned to communicate and use simple tools.

With Honor, comes Duty.
They can not be separated.

No free lunches.

Until when American’s hands go out, it is to help one less fortunate, one in need, and not expecting to have “free” shit dropped in it, America will be a shit hole of losers.

Your choice Americans.

Want to work to build a better world?

Or just tare down that which you do not have the integrity or knowledge to build yourself while having a bad attack of diarrhea of your someone else buys the groceries for it, pie hole ?

The Ole Dog!

Glasses and Asses

Some folks view the glass as half empty, some as half full-
The sheep worry that bone like a disinterested cow worries a bull-

If they would just fill the damn thing up or empty it out that would be that-
But then they would not be bozos trying to fight a meteor shower with a base ball bat-

The sheep “humans” spend their time chasing lust and gold-
While in their ignorance and sloth damning their own soul-

They run after a new false god with each changing of the season-
Running to and fro like grasshoppers in the summer without care or reason-

Like the grasshopper who has not prepared for the coming of the chilly winds-
Their sheep bleating grasshopper chirping song of no care of tomorrow lends-

A fore told conclusion to the tortured wasted evil history of man-
Disappearing from history like footsteps through low tide beach sand-

I view this world from this side through a darkened glass-
But I am pretty sure it ends with BBQed sheep’s ass!

The Ole Dog!

Franklin Scandal (Child Sex Parties in the Reagan/Bush White House) Expert On Epstein, Barr, Maxwell… Nick Bryant

Here is a link to a site with a shortened video embedded.
Once at the site, look down below the shortened video presented, there is a link to the full length interview.

I tried to post the full length interview, but YouRube, on truthful videos which show the evil of the Rat’s, USA/DC child raping political prostitutes, will not allow such videos to be linked on at least my site.

Says i do not have permission from the owner.

My site is non profit.
Cost me money.
I just want folks to pull their heads out of their asses and fight for a free America, where the top people do not rape and murder children as a hobby.

YouRube and the Rats want the child rapes and murders to continue unabated and without exposure.

The zionist Israhell firster warvangelical “christians” prayer.
Praise the “Lord” and pass out the little children!

If you want to read about the Serial Child Rapist Papa CIA Bad Bush’s White House, here is a link to a story posted on this site.

‘The Franklin Coverup Scandal
The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse’

The Ole Dog!

“God Help America” Expat Ukrainian Professor Roman Smal-Stoki on USA’s Love of red Russia, 1945 shortly after the war ended in Europe

George called the Russians mongrels.
He saw them in action.
He said every German girl or woman ran from the Russian “soldiers” were shot, the ones who did not run, were raped.
Often gang raped till death, then the bodies raped with bottles knives, sticks.
Not to mention crucifying old German grandpas upside down ever time they found an old man.

Steven J Skubik worked counter intelligence under Patton.
He repeatably warned higher brass, and the OSS run by the British Empire double agent “Wild Bill” Donavan, a sold out commie treasonous to America, collaborating with the Russians against the interest of America, founder of the forerunner of the Anti-American British Empire asset, CIA, of the VERY CREDIBLE reports he was receiving of Russia ordering General Pattons murder for speaking out against and fighting red Russian Bolshevik communism.

It was his opinion when he wrote the book in 1993, OSS traitor Donavan and the Commies in OSS coltberrated with Russia to murder Patton.

More proof has come out confirming that since, and suggesting the order to kill Patton came from the White House, as well as the Kremlin.

When Skubik interview the esteemed professor, the professor warned Russia had ordered Patton’s Murder.

This was at least the fourth time credible people had warned Stubik of the plan and order to murder Patton.

When Stubik explained the OSS, higher brass, did not “believe” the reports, and “thought” them just a Ukrainian trick to try to come between the red Russian lovers in DC and the red Russians in the Kremlin.

The professor replied:
“God help America!”

Russia has never been the friend of America or the American people.

And the USA, DC, ordered the murder of General George S. Patton, kick ass war time hero, 1st cousin to George Washington, the “Father of the Country”.

Course that should not be a surprise.

The red Russian loving Lincoln’s bunch of yankee gentuza, assassinated George Washington’s great grand nephew, Lt. Col John Washington, Aid de Camp to Robert E Lee. last Washington to own and live at Mount Vernon, recognized head of the Washington family in what would afterwards become West Virginia, 13 Sept. 1861, shot him three times through the back, divided his personal possessions as the centurions did Jesus the Christ cloths.

Seems like Washington DC, Loves red Russians and murdering George Washington’s family line descendants and kin.

The Ole Dog!

Jesus the Christ Said You Must Become as a Child to Receive Illumination

What he meant, is if you want to receive Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom, so you are fit to be in the presence of the Light, you must humble yourself as a child does, who knows there are many many things they have not a clue about.

Until one admits their lack of Knowledge, they can not receive knowledge.
The same holds true for Understanding and Wisdom.

He also said if one harms one of these children, they should have a millstone chained around their neck and thrown in the deep end.

After he cooled down a bit, he also said it would have been better if they had never been born.

Today “christians” cheer on child rapers.
They vote for them.
They go to war for them.
They offer their lambs up as DC sexual party favors and cannon fodder in red Russian pedophilic Rat Usury zionist wars which are detrimental to America/Americans.

All you self righteous warvangelical zionist end of timer “christians”, what Jesus meant, if you don’t want to have your soul kicked back to cock roach status, best damn well humble yourselves, put sack cloth and ashes on your evil asses, get on your bellies, crawl like a snake on your belly, begging forgiveness, while hiding you face in shame.

That includes that fat pig fornicating obese lying charlatan zionist Cult End of Timer snake oil and used car salesman, John Hagee.

The horseman are coming for your child raping and child raper cheerleading sheep asses Americans!

It’s called Karma, or in the KJV of the Roman “bible”, it is called:
“Be not deceived for God is not mocked, for whatever man sows, that shall he also reap!”

Are you ready for the Horsemen?
They will not be gentle.
Angels can be very terrifying when they are on the job!

The Ole Dog

My sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage

“Then said he, I am going to my Father’s; and though with great difficulty I am got hither, yet now I do not repent me of all the trouble I have been at to arrive where I am. My sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage, and my courage and skill to him that can get it. My marks and scars I carry with me, to be a witness for me that I have fought His battles who now will be my rewarder.”

Pilgrams Progress

Switching Gears On a Down Hill Run On The Home Stretch

The past is the past.

The future waits it’s turn to be the present.

Think of this world as a school, and the souls occupying these two legged animals as the students.

For many ages, humanity has been offered the chance to evolve into higher spiritual beings.

But the pig fornicaters DON’T WANT TO EVOLVE.

Those the Light sent to try to help the pig fornicaters along, the pig lovers murdered them, threw shit at them, talked shit about them, boiled them alive in oil, burned them at the stake, skinned them while alive, hanged them, shot them, stabbed them, threw them in prison.

Most have either gone to the other side because they are tired of being murdered/abused by pig fornicators, or are just standing back, not engaging the enemy, the dark side, or the dark side’s minion of evil, the Rats.

Ask yourself, if you were an advanced being who was trying to help pig foricators who kept calling you crazy, the devil, all kinds of derogatory shit, killing you, how many lives are you going to try to help them?

Which comes to this.
Whether the pig fornicaters want to accept facts or not, this 26,000 year school class is coming to an end.

You pig fornicating bible thumpers call it Armageddon.
Vikings call it Ragnaok.

The final battle between good and evil, with a gathering of the souls.

This will not be a physical battle with sheep fighting each other.

This is a battle above the pay grade of sheep who fornicate with pigs.

So all that bull shit the jackal pig fornicater charlatan John Hagee peddles about the world ending, is bull shit from a charlatan lying son of a bitches mouth, for shekels.

There WILL be a gathering of souls.
I would not want to be the souls who did not stay the course.

Then a new school class starts, which last 26,000 years.
Those who did not stay the course, will either be sent to be something like a cock roach on a planet of bad tasting shit if they have failed enough times, or they will be forced to live again, the number of lives on this rock with pig fornicaters, which will fill 26,000 years.

All that shit again, just because they did not obey Natures/God’s/The Light’s rules and laws.

In the District of Columbia, sold out pig fornicaterts gang rape and murder little children in heathen black magic ceremonies.

And the USA sheep, cheer them on in their evil, their blowing little children to pieces in their beds and schools in other lands.

And vote for them again and again.
The Horsemen are coming for USA, before the End of Era battle by beings who are not pig fornicating sheep.

There may be time for some of you to save your souls from failing this class, and facing the consequences.

The sheep like to try to force man’s rules over the Lights Laws.

The sheep who can not stop raping children up the ass, or voting for jackals who rape/murder children, tries to tell Nature how things should be run!

On the day of accounting, these pig fornicaters will not be so lippy.
They will stand there with their damn lying mouths shut in shame, or if speaking, will be begging for mercy!

When I was a young man, I used to worry about my kids or grandkids having to face this.
Now I know, it is time.
These are the beginnings of the days of tribulation, before the gathering of souls.

I will fight the evil, as long as breath remains in me.
But I do not do it for the sheep anymore, I do it because I was fighting this evil before the sheep two legged Humanity candidates clawed their way out of the primeval slime.
I will fight this evil if the two legged plebs are made extinct as a failed species.
I and others have fought for the sheep to have a chance to grow.
The pig fornicating sheep damn well DON”T want to grow.

Oh well, the ones who are being removed from two legged status because of repeated failures of this class, will soon find themselves with more than two legs.

The sheep who will forced to repeat the class, will have 26,000 years to pull their heads out of their asses, again.

If I were a sheep, I would be begging forgiveness, seeking the will of the Light.
Might not save them from repeating the class, but a head start is always helpful.

Talking sack cloth and ashes, humbling ones self, getting down on their belly, hiding their faces in shame, taking responsibility for their own failures, their own divers lust, instead of trying to blame their failures on the Messengers of the Light.

BEGGING, BESEECHING, EARNESTLY, HUMBLY That Which Is for mercy and forgiveness!

Look inward for your salvation from evil.
you must do it the LIGHT’S WAY, not the arrogant sheep’s way.
You must own yourself, your good points, and your bad points.
You must work to grow the good side, while waging an endless battle, life after life, to diminish the amount of darkness in your soul.

“He without sin, casts the first stone”.

My VERY wise, dearly departed father used to tell me.
“I figure, if you are busy doing the things you should be doing, you won’t have time to do the things you should not be doing”.

It is my observation, if each soul worries about cleaning their own soul up till there is no room for the dark, they certainly don’t have time to be trying to tell other folks how they should do things their way, instead of the Light’s Way.

Then beg for Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.
One can possess Knowledge and have no Understanding or Wisdom.

It is like building a house.
Knowledge is your foundation, and it MUST be BUILT on TRUTH.
God’s Truth, not man’s.

Understanding is your frame, walls.
Understanding comes with begging for it, humbling oneself before the Light.
Admitting ones ignorance.
Taking responsibilities for ones own faults, ones own actions, good, bad or ugly!
Understanding MUST be based on God’s TRUTH, the Lights TRUTH, by what ever name one choses to call That which Is.

With Knowledge AND Understanding, if one Humbly, Earnestly seeks Wisdom, it will come.
Wisdom is your roof, without which the rest will fall to the rigors of time and weather.

Wisdom comes a bit at a time.

If it were given you all at one time, it would blow your fuses, trip your breakers.
Leave you drooling for who knows how long, so bad others would have to feed you and wipe your behind.

Sooner one gets started, sooner one gets to their destination.

If they stay the course, stay off the side roads.

The Ole Dog!

The Rainbow Bridge To Valhalla

‘The Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla’

From the long past stolen splendors of Rome-
To the pedophilic evil’s present stolen home-

The war through time does endlessly rage-
As Thor uses up lives with each new page-

Of the battles of the evil of Loki and the mighty Thor-
Oh the horror of the collateral damage to humanity is sore-

The blood shed has watered the earth with souls-
Growing the future of humanity for the gods goals-

Forgiven by Odin his transgressions at the End of the class-
All the Bringer of Light’s lives have allied at last-

At Ragnarok Thor will make Odin’s enemies a mat-
As he finally banishes the evil of the zionist Rat-

Then a new world from the old will be born from the Ragnarok’s trauma-
After ages, Thor will be once again with honor, be allowed to cross the Rainbow bridge to Valhalla!

The Ole Dog!

Social Distancing, A Tool of Oppression Always Used By Conquering Occupiers

One of countless innocent civilian ‘s murdered by the US Army in Missouri to terrorize the population into submission and slavery to USA.

Social Distancing is a tool to keep Americans from getting together, and deciding them baby raping mass murderers taking all the working mans labor, so the elite Rats can sit on their ass in splendor, eat the best, rape little children, start wars, without breaking a sweat Rats are the problem!

Rat’s are allergic to labor, an honest living earned.


Rats Run USA/DC, which is not now, has never been, will never be the same as America or the American souls living on the face of the Land of North America.

USA/DC is a sub corporation of the evil of the Rat run Baby raping, “British Empire”.
The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a corporation which was incorporated under British Empire “law”, is not the same as the united States of America, George Washington and a handful of real men with real ball who did not desert him like most of the American sheep did in the desperate times, fought for.

The SCAM of the Rat’s NOT federal, NO reserves, and NOT A “bank”, is ending in economic collapse and devastation of Americans as the Rat’s knew it would when they bribed an USA president, all kinds of newspaper editors, congressmen, “supreme court” members, to force their USURY SCAM on America.

Now as long as when the country went into decline from the pedophilic Rat’s theft of all things American, the Rat’s had their sold out minions in sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, to pass out “free” food, “free” entertainment, make sure everyone is running around with a buzz on having sex, the sheep do not pay attention to the rape of Lady Liberty and America.

But the Rat’s have decided enough is enough.
Cost too much to keep the illusion alive.

Rats have decided it is damn well past time for the sheep to understand they are slaves, and if some of them get out of line, don’t follow orders from the Rat’s minions, they will just damn well throw their ass in jail or kill them.

Rats figure it is time to let the sheep understand they are slaves to baby raping and murdering Rats.

The transition from the illusion of freedom, to the reality of slavery, takes a while.

In the mean time, the Rats could have sent the armies out, which damn well will fire on Americans, (Remember the war crimes by the USA CIVILIAN “government” & USA MILITARY against Civilian Populations 1861-1865, under “reconstruction”, 1865-1875, and the American Natives).

Send the cops out to kill or brutalize any who get out of line.

But the Rat’s fear if they institute true Occupation Terrorism before the transition is compleate, the sheep might when they get hungry, no jobs, kids malnutrition, kicked out on the street, start talking reality and what is to be done about it.

In Missouri, when the USA invaded, occupied, if two farmers leaned on their fence, and discussed farming, and yankee USA “soldiers” saw them, they damn well murdered them on the spot, claimed they were conspiring against the occupiers.

Social Distancing.

Now in the modern times, with modern communications, as censored as the news is, the Rats fear if they just start killing folks bitching about being occupied by red Russian Non semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian Rats, folks might really revolt before the chains are firmly locked around the feet and hands of Americans.


Now there is a “Virus” which means people should wear mask, so when they communicate, there are no facial expressions which help humanity communicate meaning and emotion.

Americans should stay home, not associate with other folks, cause if they get together, they might stat talking about how the Rats are eating everything they can the Americans have tried to store up, shitting on the rest, while spreading disease, baby raping and death.

Now, when the man sees someone breaking the rats rules, they arrest them, punish them to “save” the sheep from themselves.

You might ask yourself, why the same bunch which has said for generations, millions if not billions of humans need to be killed off, are “working feverishly” to come up with a “Corona virus” Big Pharma, (owned by Rats), Witches brew V voodoo heavy metal & live cancer cell infused Vaccine, to “save” billions of Humans from dying?????????

Hello Houston!!!!!!
We have one huge assed cognitive dissonance problem!!!!!!!!!

You see pictures of cops not wearing mask brutalizing folks for not wearing mask.

There have been cases where someone is accused of being exposed to the Corona Virus, if they do not play the game and stay home, cops, swat teams surrounding the house waiting to beat the hell out of, arrest, possibly kill the man or woman who knows this is all bull shit, made up fear porn, and does not want to participate in the ball-less stupid gullible sheep’s wet nightmare of a killer virus which will end humanity.

Guy the other day, somehow got enough booze down him to have a .55 blood/alcohol level, which is WAYYYYYYYYY past fatal, did die, and was label a Corona Virus Death.

Anyone who dies is being labeled a Corona Virus Death, to make the Sheep fear a non existent “pandemic”.

The economy was going to take a crap anyway.
Now, with the “Shutdown”, millions of family business going bankrupt instead of being blamed on the Ratschilds where it belongs, can now be blamed on God.

Millions of folks having their homes stolen through usury, will be blamed on God and not the Pedophilic mass murdering war staring Ratschilds who engineered the economic collapse and massive theft.

I told folks they were going to blame God.

Heard a talking head from the fed say, “The economy was recovering, [a lie] but then this Corona Virus blindsided us”.

There is no pandemic.
With all the drunks, bad hearts, bad kidneys, bad lungs, bad immune system deaths, drug over doses being labeled Corona Virus Deaths, the numbers are still, under or about equal to last years flu deaths.

Respiratory viruses do not kill the strong and healthy, but the already sick, weak persons.

Respiratory Viruses are the Coup de Gras which mercifully finishes off the terminally wounded animal.

But the Rats have used the controlled media, the Rat’s whored out political prostituted Rat’s bitches in “government” to spread fear among the sheep so the sheep do not gather, start comparing notes, figure out the root of all their problems is Rats!

The Rats have the Sheep’s fear of everything, controlling the sheep, giving them something to keep their attention on, while the Rats rape American children up the ass, sacrifice them in Babylonian End of Times Pedophile’s Death Cult evil black magic heathen ceremonies.

In days of ole, when the villagers got tired of the rats eating all the food stored for the winer, shitting on what they could not eat, the villagers would have a community ole time Rat Killing, and Humans fared much-much better for a season.

The Ole Dog!

To Understand Iran’s 150-Year Fight, Follow the Trail of Blood and Oil to the Baby raping & sacrificing Ratschilds


George Washington Said So.

The Ole Dog!


This past Sunday, April 17th, a dispute between Iran and the U.S. occurred over the U.S.’ decision to increase its military presence in Caribbean and Eastern Pacific waters, with the purported reason being a counter-narcotics campaign.

Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres this past Sunday, that the real purpose for this move by the U.S. is to “intervene and create disruption in the transfer of Iran’s fuel to Venezuela.” In the same letter, Zarif expressed concern over “the United States’ intention to consider dangerous, unlawful and provocative measures against Iranian oil tankers engaged in perfectly lawful international commerce with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

The Iranian deployment consists of five tankers carrying around $45.5million of gasoline and related products, as part of a wider deal between Iran and Venezuela. The U.S. has imposed sanctions on both nations’ oil exports.

For the first time since 1962, Iran has requested IMF assistance due to severe shortages created by the COVID-19 pandemic, with Iran requesting an emergency loan of $5 billion. However, the request is currently being blocked by the U.S., which accounts for slightly more than 16.5% of IMF’s voting shares and has an effective veto over decisions.

Iran is presently experiencing a critical shortage of medicines and equipment amid the pandemic, and yet is prohibited from purchasing medicines and supplies because of the banking sanctions.

It is clear that these manoeuvres against Iran are not on behalf of anyone’s “security” but rather an attempt to force Iran to finally bend the knee and be reduced to a state of complete dependence.

Iran has fought a long fight to claim its independence from western powers.

However, what if I were to tell you that once there was a time when Iran and the U.S. had good relations and that the U.S. was in fact the leading promoter and supporter of Iran’s sovereignty?

Almost out of a Shakespearean play of tragedy and betrayal, the relationship was jeopardised by a third player. As identified by John Perkins, in his book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, the first ever U.S. coup against a foreign country was the overthrow of Iran’s nationalist Prime Minister Mosaddegh in 1953. However, what is often left out…is that it was a British authored and designed operation.

In order for us to understand how and why the U.S. was dragged into such an affair, our story starts 150 years ago…


To Understand Iran’s 150-Year Fight, Follow the Trail of Blood and Oil