US Continues to Evacuate ISIL Commanders Trapped In Hasaka-FarsNews

The American Sheep disgust me.

They are so stupid, so ignorant, and they wouldn’t give a shit if they knew what was really going on.

Long as most American sheep has a set of wheels, a cold six pack, and a warm body for sexual purposes, they could give a shit less what Washington DC is doing to America and the rest of the world in their names.

Here and there, an American cares, fights the evil, each in their own way, is out there. But if you took away magically, all the dumb ass worthless breeding stock sheep, out of the equation, America would have no need for large cities and high rises. Wouldn’t been enough Americans left to even try to keep the things from falling down, and probably would have more important things to do Anyway.

John C Carleton

Falsehoods and Lies: Inciting War is a War Crime.

At Nuremberg, US “interrogators, crushed the nuts of Germans, to force them to sign confessions, to war crimes, document written in English, not German, so they had no clue what they signed.

Their pain from getting their nuts crushed put all else out of their mind anyway.

Many of the “war crimes”, they “confessed to, the US knew were lies, and made up, as they helped cobble the lies together themselves.

Then they hung the German Civilian and military officials for, “War Crimes”.

They did the same kind of shit after they, with the help of Russia, defeated the Confederate States of America.

In the north, Camp Douglas, Illinois, over 6,000 Confederate solders were starved to death, died of malnutrition, no winter cloths, or blankets as the US took from them what they had, and refused to issue winter clothing or blankets, even as they forced the men to live outdoors in the elements, without proper facilities for going to the bathroom.

US had plenty of everything. They murdered these men on purpose.

Just as the USA did Germans, in their Reine Meadow death Camps, using the same formula they used on Americans.
An estimated 1.7 million Germans Holocusted by the USA, pre planned, and carried out.

At the end of the un-Civil war, The commander, of Camp Anderson, a Confederate Prison camp, where about a like number of US solders died, of lack of food and medicine, which the US had destroyed and blockade the South from getting.

The Confederate Government even offered to pay for meds, administered only on yankee prisoners, to the US government, and the offer was refused.

The Commander wrote letter after letter, trying to find food and medicine for the US POWs.

The US pow, were eating the same rations as the Confederate Soldier, who was starving as the US had purposely destroyed the food supply. The South had no medicine, as the US illegally blockaded their country, and would allow no medicine into the Confederacy.

So in thanks, the USA gave The Commander of Andersonville, who did his damnedest, to get the POWs food and medicine, a kangaroo trial, in a kangaroo court, and hung him!

The same dishonorable, lying types of sacks of shit, hypocritical, evil sons of bitches still rule Washington DC/USA today.

152 years later, American States, and people, are still held as conquered slaves of Washington DC.

It is time for Fair Common Law war crimes, bribery, treason, pedophile, murder, drug running, foreign government overthrowing, to be held in Washington DC.

Followed by fair hangings!

Don’t even have to crush their balls to get the confessions, they in their stupidity, and arrogance, brag about their war crimes!

Time for the American sheep to pull their heads out of their indoctrinated asses.

Time to embrace the truth, and the ramifications that act will bring.

Get er done,

John C Carleton

Confirmed: US retains ISIS and ISIS-like jihadist in East Syria and rebrands them “democratic” forces-AMA

All you American sheep who bleat in anger when someone points out the evil of Washington DC, go to hell.

You deserve to receive what you have cheered others getting at the hands of Washington DC.

Paybacks a bitch, then you die, and have to try to expiate, why you supported people who raped and murdered innocent children.

i will have no sympathy for the collaborating sheep, when their turn comes.

John C Carleton

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s Refusal to Release Records On Pesticide Harms to Endangered Wildlife-Global Research

After the international chemical corporations have killed all the pollinators, what you going eat, the bull shit coming out of Washington DC?

The taste and substance is not to my liking.

John C Carleton

Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration’s Refusal to Release Records on Pesticide Harms to Endangered Wildlife

Why Another False Flag Attack is Due-Covert Geopolitics

Fair Common Law Trials, Fair hangings, Washington DC.

The American sheep must face their complicity in the evils done in their name.

They must confess to the evil they cheered, voted for, supported.

Ignorance is never an excuse, as ignorance is a self imposed condition.

“Well you see, i supported the evil of the baby raping war criminals, because i refused to face the truth and grow a set of balls, is not a plea which will stand up, on this earth, or on the other side.

America deserves whats coming, and it can not be stopped at this late date anyway.

So you ass hole American sheep, you supporters of baby raping trash, you evil scum who cheer reports of the slaughters the DC pedophiles do around the world, suck it up, stand up, drop your fruit of the loom’s, bend over, cause pay back is a bitch, and you have it coming.

And after forty years of pleading, warning, begging the sheep to stand up, embrace honor and truth, i must admit, i am going to really enjoy watching the sheep bleating in fear, as they get what they deserve.

Less sheep and Usury Bankers=a whole lot better world.

John C Carleton

Why Another False Flag Attack is Due

America’s Most Deified Politician

Gettysburg, 1863.

. . . has a birthday today that is celebrated throughout the land, especially at neocon think tanks and tabloids.  I speak of course of the man the “Straussian” wing of neoconworld refers to as “Father” Abraham Lincoln.  So I thought I’d offer some reading suggestions as part of today’s birthday celebration.

Lincoln was by far the most hated, despised, and reviled of all American presidents during his lifetime, as historian Larry Tagg documents in The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln: America’s Most Reviled President.  His deification was the posthumous work of the Republican Party propaganda machine.

Lincoln was very careful with his language when he explained to the world in his first inaugural address and other speeches that he was willing to enshrine slavery explicitly in the text of the Constitution (with the “Corwin Amendment”), but that he would invade any state that refused to collect the newly-doubled federal tariff tax and send the proceeds to Washington, D.C.  So-called “Lincoln scholars” lie though their teeth about this, in other words.

Lincoln’s invasion of the “free and independent” Southern states, as all states are called in the Declaration of Independence, was the very definition of treason under Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution,which defines treason as “only” levying war upon the United States, or giving aid and comfort to “their” enemy.  The word “their,” signifying the states in the plural, means treason is waging war against South Carolina, Virginia, etc.

Lincoln was the biggest enemy the First Amendment ever had, even worse than John Adams, who enforced the Sedition Act that made criticizing his administration a crime.  Adams only imprisoned a few critics, whereas Lincoln illegally suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus and had his military imprison tens of thousands of Northern-state critics while shutting down over 300 opposition newspapers.  He imprisoned newspaper owners and editors, deported Congressman Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio, his harshest congressional critic, most of the Maryland legislature was imprisoned, as was the mayor of Baltimore, and he declared that anyone who merely remained silent while his administration was being discussed was guilty of “treason.”

His lifelong racist and white supremacist rhetoric and actions would make David Duke blush.  Not to mention his lifelong obsession with deporting all the black people out of America (i.e., “colonization), working diligently to accomplish that goal while in the White House until his dying day.

Even Lincoln-worshipping historians have admitted that, had the South won the war, it would have justified in executing Lincoln and his entire high command for the war crime of mass murdering Southern civilians, as described herehere, and here.  Lincoln promoted and lavishly supported the worst of these mass murderers of civilians, especially Sherman, Grant, and Sheridan.

Like Lenin in Russia and Bismarck in Germany, he was the one person most responsible for the creation of the centralized, monopolistic, dictatorial state that Americans now slave under, as well as the abolition of the American system of federalism or states’ rights.  That of course is why he was praised to the treetops by fellow centralizer Hitler himself, and congratulated by Karl Marx during his lifetime and by Marx’s political sons and daughters to this very day.

When Chief Justice Roger B. Taney issued an opinion that his suspension of Habeas Corpus was unconstitutional (which his own attorney general agreed with), Lincoln issued an arrest warrant for the judge.  Charles Adams called this “Lincoln’s great crime.”

It was Lincoln who finally imposed the rotten, corrupt, British system of “mercantilism” in America, with institutionalized corporate welfare/crony capitalism, protectionism as another hideous form of crony capitalism, and a federal monetary monopoly to pay for it all, along with the first income tax and myriad other economic interventions.  Edgar Lee Masters, author of Lincoln the Man, called this “plunder and nothing else.”

In his last days, when genuine abolitionists (Lincoln always adamantly distanced himself from them) asked his assistance in getting the Thirteenth Amendment passed to legally end slavery, he refused to help them according to Harvard historian David Donald, the preeminent Lincoln scholar of the last generation.

Thomas DiLorenzo

The South’s Stockholm Syndrome-Abbeville Institute

Am a member of Two Southern Heritage organizations.

i deal with this all the time.

Indoctrinated Southerners who love the USA, which murdered, raped, robbed, occupied, their families and country, and the stained with innocent blood banner they carried.

Mother Nature needs to take out a whole damn lot of Southerners also, when she culls the human herd.

John C Carleton

The South’s Stockholm Syndrome