How Much Pain, Sorrow and Suffering, Will It Take, To Get The American Sheep To Pull Their Cowardly, Heads Out Of Their Indoctrinated Asses?

They vote in elections which never make things better for America, always Worse.

The sons of bitches and cunts they vote for in DC, are shipping third world people in to replace Americans, turn them loose to rape, rob and murder Americans.

The USA, collaborating with the illegal crime cabal Israhell, located in New Khazara, Occupied Palestine, who got the funds from the Saudies to attack America it would appear, attacked America, 11 September 2001, murdering over 3,000 souls in one day, with thousands dying still of the results of that day on their health, first responders, relief workers, people who escaped the buildings.

Then, still collaborating with the Ratchild run crime cabal of Israhell, the DC SOB’s and slimy whores of DC, used lies about who did the attack, to start a series of wars which have lasted 18 years at this point.

USA, has based on bald faced lies, again and again, attacked, invaded, occupied, Sovereign country after sovereign country, all the while using American children as cannon fodder mercenary’s in wars for Israhell, and sexual party favors for the pedophiles running USA/DC.

Many of these Khazarian sons of bitches and whores, who are fucking American children both physically in DC, and figuratively in the wars for Israhell, and the shit hole VA afterwards, are damn well citizens of New Khazaria, Occupied Palestine!


The American sheep pledge allegiance to the company banner of the USA Corporation, a foreign to America sub corporation of the RothRat run evil British Empire.

They return again and again to the polls for the make believe “elections”, year after year after year after year, as year after year after year, America a goes down the tubes, the currency buys less, Benefits from companies to employs have been gutted.

They go to church on Sunday, sing Holy-Holy-Holy, while the pedophiles they voted for, rape children, and mass murder people all over the world!

What the fucking son of a bitching mother hunching hell, is it going to TAKE, for these cowardly sorry excuses for humanity to damn well stand up, defend their society, their towns, cities, culture, homes, families?


John C Carleton

Pissing Into A yankee Wind!

Pissing into a yankee wind-
Getting it all over my family and friends-

I fail to stand against the yankee’s oppressive occupation-
I join in his War Criminal celebrations-

I salute and say pledge to the bloody, stinking rag-
Which flew over the war criminals who made many a Souther soul so sad-

I wear a Confederate uniform at events, my sword with hilt of brass-
As all the while I am kissing the evil occupying yankee’s ass-

I talk at length and loudly of Souther Pride-
Them cowardly collaborate and take the damn yankee’s side-

Acknowledging the “authority” of his occupation rule and Roman Law Corporate Court-
Just being a “law abiding sort”-

I dare not think of what my Confederate ancestors must think of my treason-
What but Cowardice, could I truthfully give as a reason?

The Ole Southern Dog!

US-Backed SDF’s Military Bases Torched in Popular Uprising in Hasaka-Fars News


The lying Khazarian pedophilic whores in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, claimed they illegally, in a war crime, invaded Syria, a Sovereign Nation, to protect the Syrians from the Syrian government.

But the Syrian people want their government to stay, and the USA to leave.

Guess the Syrian People are tired of getting murdered by the USA, which is Geocoding Syrians for the benefit of New, Khazaria, Occupied Palestine.

John C Carleton

‘US-Backed SDF’s Military Bases Torched in Popular Uprising in Hasaka’

TEHRAN (FNA)- The people of Hasaka set on fire the military bases of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in a Hasaka region as tensions and differences have risen between people and SDF in areas under their control.
The angry residents of Hasaka torched the security centers of SDF across the city, the Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper reported.

The newspaper noted that people’s fury in Hasaka’s Khashman district came after SDF killed a young man who had resisted forced recruitment of soldiers by the SDF.

Al-Watan pointed to the wide differences between Hasaka people and SDF militants in Khashman region, and said the SDF has dispatched reinforcement and military equipment to the region.

Meantime, battlefield sources in Hasaka reported that Asayesh and Military Police militants affiliated to the SDF launched massive attacks on the towns of Nas Tal, Daraja, Un al-Rous and other towns in Tal Barak region, and said that the Kurdish militants have arrested tens of civilians, including teachers, for forced recruitment.

In a relevant development last week, a number of civilians were killed and wounded in a refugee camp in Hasaka amid heightened tensions between people and the SDF in Eastern Euphrates.

Local sources in Hasaka province reported on Thursday that the residents of al-Arisheh camp in Southern Hasaka held rallies against the SDF actions and the grave humanitarian conditions in the camp.

They added that the SDF fighters fired at them to suppress the popular uprising, killing 3 civilians, including a child, and severely injuring over 4 others.

The sources said that tensions have increased in the camp and adjacent villages between civilians and the US-backed forces, adding that a large number of SDF militants have been deployed in these regions and have closed the entrances of the town of al-Shadadi to prevent the spread of people’s protest rallies.

The SDF’s bad behavior and crimes against civilians in Deir Ezzur and Hasaka have fomented tensions in the two provinces in recent months.


Israel’s War Criminals In Their Own Words -Shooting unarmed Palestinian demonstrators “preserves Israeli values”

The Non-Semitic Khazarians, a Turkish people who interbred with the Slavs, Russian Expats, who’s ancestors were NEVER in Palestine, who’s ancestors converted for political reasons, to the so called Judaic cult in the Steppes of Russia, in the year 0740 AD, are Holocausting/Genociding, the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s in the Semitic Palestinians own Ancestral Home Land.

These murdering thieves are not “Hebrews”.

These are war crimes, crimes against humanity, not to mention their adulterated heathen cult religion approves of and encourages raping little boys.

John C Carleton

A Texas Fool Pissing Into A yankee Wind

The Vichy occupation yankee “government” occupying the Republic of Texas, just refused to allow a bill to come up for vote, protecting Texas’s monuments from yankee carpetbaggers and late comer Mexico Firsters, but broke their necks passing a bill, with the Khazarian descended “governor” signing, a bill to try to make criminals of Texicans who object to the occupation of Palestine, and the Holocaust of the Semitic Palestinians, by Non-Semitic Russian Expat & spawn Khazarians.

Where the heart is and all that jazz.

John C Carleton

‘A Texas Fool Pissing Into A yankee Wind’

If one collaborates with Sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado River-
Votes for political whores bent on destroying Texas culture and history forever-

Then one is an ignorant sheep committing treason-
Or a Texican’s enemy trying to destroy Texas for an evil reason-

If to the Austin yankee occupation “government” your vote you send-
Then you are an enemy of Texican’s, or a Texas fool pissing into a yankee wind!

The Ole Dog!

Newly Released FBI Docs Shed Light on Apparent Mossad Foreknowledge of 9/11 Attacks-Information Clearing House

New Khazaria, Occupied Palestine did it.
Saudies appear to have financed it.
USA/WASHINGTON DC, collaborated.

White house, alphabet agencies, pentagon, courts, MSM, all the way down to the pastors in pulpits who screamed USA was justified slaughtering Moslems and arabs, because of the attack.

John C Carleton

How Many Germans Died Under RAF Bombs at Dresden in 1945?-Unz Review

Pure premeditated mass murder of tens of thousands of civilians in a horrible death

Folks, official USA “history”, should be filed under fiction in the library.

Same for Russian, French, UK, EU, and occupied Germany’s “history” books.

The USA, Russia, Britain, hanged for war crimes, Japanese and German Prisoners of War, and German civilian officials, for less numeral and brutal war crimes than those victorious countries which set in judgement of, and executioner of, the losers.

The history the world, science, creation, religion, you have been indoctrinated with, is pig shit!

Sorry, never believed in pulling the band aid off a fraction at a time.

Just get er done!

John C Carleton

The Bedtime Prayer of a Dying Lifelong Self Righteous Hypocrite, Just Told of a Terminal Illness

i have seen many cases, where devoted “sinners”, came to illness, or loss, with their backs to the wall, become “good” “Christians”.

The conversion seems to last till they die shortly from their new found illness or loss, until they are well, or the pain of the loss dims.

Around the neck cross, star, wearing hypocrites.

John C Carleton

‘The Bedtime Prayer of a Dying Lifelong Self Righteous
Hypocrite, Just Told of a Terminal Illness’

Now as i lay here fighting sleep from which i am afraid i will never awake-
Please please listen and grant me these things for which i want for goodness sake-

Cure the illness i brought on myself by actions i refused to change-
You are all powerful God after all, so easy, and so little to arrange-

A long wealthy life for me in the fame and power of this rock-
On your door for forgiveness and mercy after all, i did knock-

You are supposed to give your followers what they want after all-
And all i am asking for is my part of the haul-

From the wealth of this earth which as a “christian” belongs to me-
That should be easy enough for an all knowing God to see-

But if in your harshness, you refuse to make me well-
Please oh please don’t send me, forsaken of your mercy. to Hell!

The Ole Dog!

US Legal System

The Appian Way, which along a several mile strip, six thousand slaves were crucified as a warning to slaves and conquered peoples, NEVER question the dictates of Rome!

US Legal System, is a misnomer.
Nothing Legal about the USA court system.

USA court systems, are Corporate court systems, under the “authority” of Admiralty law, the Law of the Sea.
Cut through the fancy names, what you have is Roman Law.
There was NEVER,EVER, anything kind or just about Roman Law.
Roman Law was the Rules the rich and strong, enforced on conquered peoples.
Was not meant to be kind or just.
Was meant to be brutal, in order to keep slaves and conquered peoples from revolting against Rome.
Revolting against Rome, got 6,000 slaves crucified along a miles long stretch of the Appian way, as a warning to other slaves, to NEVER question the dictates of Rome!

Wanted! One Large Country to Adopt Mad Dog Pet.


One large country to adopt mad dog pet.
Name is USA.
Not house broken, shits all over the place.
Kills weaker innocent animals around it.
Steals other dogs food, bones, rapes their young.
Always blames some other dog every single time it shits on the floor, rapes the young, murders some innocent animals.
Eats a whole lot, food bill is astronomical.
Seems to be influenced in it’s evil acts by it’s best bud, Israhell, a Russian bred Khazarian Pedophile street mutt.

Will send its red, white and blue blanket which it uses to try to cover its evil acts, with it.
Might need to dry clean it’s blanket.
Very filthy, stained with shit and others blood.

Call I-am a-n ev i-l ass, in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.